30 December 2007

Saying So Long

Saying So long to a long and interesting year.

Exciting new ventures, knowledge gained, and wisdom attained.

A year of choices not too sound, followed by choices that were sound or at least seem so for the time being.

New friends made, good bye to those once thought friends but were not really.

Relationships on borrowed time that on the one hand never should have been allowed in but if it weren't for them the flowering bud of knowledge could not open into an everlasting blossom of wisdom.

So it is okay. No regrets. Because in the end what really counts is what really matters.

How can you appreciate the good times for what they truly are unless you have weathered through the seemingly bad times.

I appreciate all those who have been apart of my life this past year.

Even those in particular who caused what seemed at the time to be pain.

But true relationships can be reconciled and this year I reconciled three relationships so I see much in my favor.

I have been blessed.

My health has been good. The health of my children even better.

I hope that all I have endured is not for naught.

I hope that I have learned to be softer, less judgmental, more loving and more open.

Open to love and open to change.

And for those that I may have inadvertently (no matter how "on purpose" my actions
may have seemed) caused pain, please forgive me and instead of resentment use what you have gone through as a means or method to grown in your own truly appreciate what you have...and to learn also to never been in judgment of others....and to learn also to approach life in a kinder gentler way. As I have. Because no one has the market cornered on pain, long suffering or being wronged.

Although I'd like for it to be smooth and hassle free the better of me prays that this year will be good for me as well, that I may grow more into who I truly am.

And may my light shine brightly...may I always remember the spark of the Divine that glows within me. May I honor my spark and may I honor your spark because we are one and the same.

May my children truly grow into compassionate beings, loving people, sensitive and willing to contribute to healing.

And may you continue to grow, blossom and shine brightly as you forge ahead in your time that you have on this blue and green bubble.

I love you.

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