26 December 2007

The Five Objects of the Reiki Ryoho

According to Kimiko Koyama, the five objects of the Reiki Ryoho are:

1. Tai (body) Ken (health)

The body is the temple of God. Knowing this, we should take care of it and worship in it. Ultimately, we will not be able to endure the experience of enlightenment without a healthy body. We can make the body strong with Reiki, meditation, proper diet , and ...laughter!

2. En (relation, connection, fate, love, karma) Bi (beauty)

Beauty and love go hand in hand. If you see the beauty in every being sentient or insentient, you are bound to live a peaceful and fulfilled life.

3. Kokoro (heart and mind) Makoto (sincerity, authenticity)

Kokoro, the unity of heart and mind, is already mentioned elsewhere. The way to achieve this unity of heart and mind is by being our authentic selves.

4. Sai (talent) Chikara (power)

Talent and power go together. When we follow our talent the result is a power that no one can resist. There's no need to fear our own abilities!

5. Tsutome (duty) Do (work)

Our duty is to work on ourselves. In whatever we do, we should give the best we have. There's no need to hold back what we can give to others--and to ourselves.

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