14 January 2008

Essential Elements of Spiritual Discipline

Essential Elements Of Spiritual Discipline

1. Be virtuous at any cost-Virtue is the road to immortality

2. Physical Exercise-The body is the temple for the spirit. Keep it healthy through moderate exercise which balances the energies in the body,such as Indian Hatha Yoga,Chinese Chi Kung,or Tai Chi

3. Breathing exercise-breathing properly produces health by proper distrubution of Ra-Sekhem Life Force,Chi,Prana and develops spiritual vitality

4. Silence-2 hours daily -"The abomination of the soul: too much talking it is!"
The mind is fond of indulging in debates,argument and nonsense,curtail its opportunity to develop impure thoughts by keeping it quiet,and thinking before you say anything.

5. Study teachiings-Study the teachings and take time in silence or in a study group setting to think about them and/or discuss them as they pertain to your life,the community,the world and the cosmos.

6. Listen-Keep your ears open to the words of wisdom. Always be willing to listen and to accept the truth,even if it seems to contradict and old teaching you had accepted as truth.

7. Reflection-Think about the teachings every time you read or hear them, it sometimes takes a while for them to be fully understood and accepted by the mind.

8. Meditation-When you are able to stay still in a quiet room or other location,begin the practice of meditating even 5 minutes a day,building up to longer periods.

9. Right action-perform selfless service at least once a day,expecting no reward. Remember Charity begins at home

10. Hekau-Utter words of power in any language but with full understanding of the meaning repeatedly beginning with 5 minutes a day and gradually building up to an hour or more each day. Utter prayers in morning upon waking up and in the evening before bed.

11. Vegetarian Diet

12. Wake Up with the sun

13. Go to bed with the moon

14. Do not use drugs or alcohol

15. Cultivate Contentment-you will be surprised at the number of things you can do without. Unnecessary wants and cravings agitate the mind.

16. Keep a diary-Stick to a spiritual routine.The dairy will help you understand yourself better.

17. Do not speak to much on spiritual matters-Too much debating causes mental agitation;also those who are not ready to understand the teaching may consider you insane. "Speak to those who understand you"

18. If at all possible, keep company and study under a spiritual perceptor

19. Do work that is in keeping with your personality,goals and aspirations

I found the above on Assata Shakur's forum and thought I would share it with you.

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