22 January 2008

Full Moon & Affirmation

I could not let this day go by without paying homage to the full moon.

She is beautiful, She is divine.
Without her life as we know it
could not be....

Below is an excerpt from Rabbi Jill Hammer: Jewish Cycles of the Moon....

The Full Moon: Keseh

The fifteenth of the Hebrew month is the full moon. The Psalms use the word keseh to describe a festive time, and some commentators believe this word refers to the full moon. Keseh is like kos, cup, and the full moon is like a brimming cup of abundance. Many festivals of freedom and abundance, such as Sukkot, Tu B'Shevat, Purim, and Passover, fall on the full moon.......

In the Zohar, the full moon signals the time when the Divine womb creates
pure and blessed souls. It is the time when the moon and sun, which in kabbalists thought represent the feminine and masculine faces of God, are most in contact. The Zohar writes that at the full moon the Shekhinah is called field of apples, while at the dark moon She is called field of Anatot (meaning poverty).


Today is also Tu'beshvat... New Year of honour of said festival we will plan Venus fly traps :-)


Not necessarily connected with the full moon...I'd like to share with you an affirmation...a declaration to remind yourself when ever you may be feeling a little less than...what ever that "than" may be.


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