03 April 2008

ReiKi vs Usui System of Natural Healing

I found this lovely quote which completely explains what I was trying to convey in previous posts.

As to how someone can use Reiki (universal spiritual energy) even though they are not "attuned" to Reiki. :-)

Vinny Amador summed it on perfectly on his website.

Reiki (Usui) the "system" and Reiki the "energy"

Most Masters do not differentiate between Reiki the "system" and Reiki the "energy" when talking about Reiki. Reiki the "energy" is the divine energy from the creator that is available to all creation on an equal basis that we use in the Reiki System for healing. Other systems such as Chi Gung, Seichim/SKHM, and others utilize this energy as well. Reiki, the universal life energy, is one name for the energy. When discussing Reiki the system, it would seem to be a different matter. Usui Reiki, or the Usui System of Natural Healing has certain characteristics. They would seem to be a series of principles, hand positions, symbols and attunements that are used in a fairly specific way. That is the "system" of Reiki.

What many do not realise is that Reiki is just one of the names of 7 different identified energies. The concept of REIKI existed BEFORE Usui Sensei.

What he came up with was his OWN system of utilising reiki.

So yes, a person can use Reiki however they are not using Usui Reiki (THE METHOD) if they were not properly taught/attuned to it......

What are the 7 different identified energies in Japanese?

The Spirit of Reiki by Lubeck, Petter, Rand

1. Kekki: The form of Ki that provides living being with nourishing strength.... Kek derived from Ketsu which means blood

2. Shioke: The is the form of Ki that gives the body the structure in which the vitality (Kekki) can gather and have an effect...

This is the ki of the salt or the Ki of the minerals.

(SHEREE just sent out her email today regarding CELL SALTS...i am a big proponent making sure they are balanced)

3. Mizuke: This the expression of Ki that allows relationships to function as the basis of communication. The Ki of Water. Making it possible to dissolve the separation and experience of joy, playfulness, and a sense of security when we are together in a physical sense

4. Kuki: The form of Ki that helps create the appropriate relationships for the respective being with other parts of the Creation by producing boundaries....opening up in a specific way, shaping, and striving is called Kuki. Ki of the gases or ki of the air.... Self fulfillment...growing becoming conscious of self....

5. Denki: The form of Ki that lends us our striving, ore relationship with the ego, and the urge to grow in a way considerate of others.... Ki of Thunder

6.Jiki: The form of Ki that helps us finding the precisely appropriate complement to our own being in every situation, that presents us with our unlived shadow aspects..... Magnetic power of Gathering Force

7 REIKI: The form of Ki that organizes the correct synergetic appication of all the subordinate forms of the life force in the holistic sense....

connects without binding
stimulates without overexciting
separates without creating isolation
calms with out causing rigidity
directs or attention to life and the love in the heart
creates clarity without a lack of involvement
wakes us up and supports the devlopement of all types of latent potentials....


Direct quotes and paraphrasing from the book THE SPIRIT OF REIKI by Lubeck, Petter, and Rand.

If there was only one book in Reiki you could afford to buy... this should be it.

I do not mean its the end all, but it does give you a good foundation.

image Lotus Press * Shangria-La from the book Reiki Best Practices

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