07 April 2008

Welcome to Inifinite Reiki

Welcome to Infinite Reiki the blog for

Thank you for joining me on yet another journey into Reiki and beyond.

The ability to connect with Life Source energy as we call Reiki opens up infinite possibilities, new perspectives and gives one an amazing tool with which to navigate through this wondrous journey.

My first attempt will be to shed light on an issue that is oft taken for granted within the Reiki community and leads to misperceptions both internal and external of said community.

I find that Vinny Amador addresses this issue very succinctly and eloquently so I will quote from him on the subject of the use of the word REIKI:

Most Masters do not differentiate between Reiki the "system" and Reiki the "energy" when talking about Reiki. Reiki the "energy" is the divine energy from the creator that is available to all creation on an equal basis that we use in the Reiki System for healing. Other systems such as Chi Gung, Seichim/SKHM, and others utilize this energy as well. Reiki, the universal life energy, is one name for the energy. When discussing Reiki the system, it would seem to be a different matter. Usui Reiki, or the Usui System of Natural Healing has certain characteristics. They would seem to be a series of principles, hand positions, symbols and attunements that are used in a fairly specific way. That is the "system" of Reiki.

I bring this issue to your attention because I know a lot of people have come across the subject and have wondered.

It is my belief, and a very strong belief, that we all have an innate ability to heal ourselves. We all have an innate ability to connect with the energy that emanates from the source of Life.

Mikao Usui did not reinvent, invent, rediscover or discover Reiki. What Usui Sensei did was discover or rediscover a WAY TO CONNECT with Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means Spiritual Energy.

There are 7 different types of Ki, Chi or energy. Reiki is the 7th and the highest energy... the energy that connects all other energy.

There are 7 different types of energy that flow through our bodies and through our lives. In short they are Keki, Shioke, Mizuke, Kuki, Denki, Jiki and last but not least Reiki.

The 6 previous Ki or Energies mentioned relate to our strength, vitality, energy of relationships, energy of security...etc.

And according to THE SPIRIT OF REIKI by Luebeck, Petter & Rand

REIKI: The form of Ki that organizes the correct synergetic appication of all the subordinate forms of the life force in the holistic sense....

connects without binding
stimulates without overexciting
separates without creating isolation
calms with out causing rigidity
directs or attention to life and the love in the heart
creates clarity without a lack of involvement
wakes us up and supports the devlopement of all types of latent potentials....


Reiki flows through all of Life at all times. Reiki flows through you whether you are a Reiki practitioners or not.

The difference between a Reiki practitioner and one who is not is that a Reiki practitioner is one who has been trained on how to connect precisely connect with this Universal Spiritual Energy and they have been attuned to the lineage and process that Mikao Usui Sensei developed. This Usui System of Natural Healing is primarily a system for Self Improvement, Self Growth and Self Healing and secondarily a system which can be used to help others heal.

So can one lay their hand on themselves and connect to the Reiki that flows, yes, however becoming initiated into the Usui System gives them tools in which to practice the Usui System.

This is a system that has been traditionally passed from Teacher to Student.

This system can be passed in person and it could be passed in a distant manner. In either case the student must be committed to developing the skills and further learning and practice.

Attunement or Empowerment in person or at a distance is not the end all, it is only the beginning.

Although each of us has Reiki flowing through us, our Divine Connection to The Source of Life, we are not an Usui Reiki Practitioner unless we have followed the correct process.

Usui Reiki System is a wonderful system of healing and meditation that can help one to grow spiritually and to heal on many levels of being.

Usui Reiki Method does a great deal for helping one to obtain balance and harmony so that the body can enter homeostasis or a parasympathetic state of being.

Usui Reiki is a wonderful gift and should be taught to as many people as possible.

I hope that you enjoy this Inifinite Reiki Blog Journey.

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