09 September 2008

Emma Thompson is Brilliantly Beautiful

I am forever grateful and thankful to such brilliant thespians as Britain's Ms. Emma Thompson for the passion and commitment they put into their craft.

A true actor is an artist, a living masterpiece unfolding before our very eyes.

Emma Thompson is an artist.

I've never been a "star worshiper" or into celebrities.
But as I said before Emma Thompson is no celebrity or a star. She is an artist.

Thank you Ms. Thompson for following your dreams you have blessed humanity with beautiful works of fine art. Gaia will be proud of you once she is able to comprehend all that her mother has and will accomplish both on stage and at home.

She is definitely someone with whom I'd enjoy sitting with and having a cup of tea. Every character she has become she has made believeable, alive, real and deep.

Even when she did the voice over in that Will Farrell movie where she place the author attempting to write her latest novel. Stranger Than Fiction.

Start with Dead Again and move forward to Much Ado About Nothing...ain't she grand? Then sit down with tea and lots of hankies when you absorb Wit.

And I even liked her as Nanny McPhee ;-).

Then you will see what I see. Then you will say...Thank you Sister Emma, you rock!

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  1. Emma Thompson is amazing, and I am glad to know that I am not the only one in awe of her. Emma commands your attention when she is on the screen, and then dares you to look away... and you can't!