16 September 2008

Remember When Pride Was About Quality?

Yes, I remember when...

You would purchase a washing machine and it would last for near ever. I even have a toaster oven that is at least 35 years old and STILL works.

Remember when companies took pride in their products and gained their reputations through quality.

Nowadays seems that true quality is literally out the door. You purchase an item and unless you pay an arm, a leg and your first born and that firstborn's firstborn you will not get much true quality.

You will either get an item made in China for pennies on the dollar or a poorly made in USA product.

I remember when purchasing Pepperidge Farm cookies was a treat.

Not just because of the price but because of the yummy quality. The Milano cookie was just as lovely (aesthetics and taste) as its exotic name.

Milano cookies used to look as if they were handmade.

Have you seen a Milano cookie lately? Does it look the same to you? Mind you I should stay away from all refined sugars and flours but every now and then I sneak a peak and eat one or two. Today I bought a pack and it was just as they were several months back...the quality has REALLY gone down hill both in looks and in taste.

Has American society totally turned to fluff? Something of no substance where even Milano cookies lose their appeal?


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