03 September 2008

Greatest Disservice

Greatest disservice ever served...

Being told that our minds are finite, that there things we are unable to grasp.

If we are part and parcel of the Infinite, sparks of the Divine dwell within us then I would surmise that our minds are infinite as well.

We see life through a darkened window. But to sit still and go within we are able to cleanse and open that window.

We are not handicapped. Perhaps our body has limitations but each of us, if we are still should be able to tap into the Infinite pool of consciousness that exists, that we are--that I AM.

I refuse to sit back and accept the limitations foisted upon me through mental conditioning. How about you?

What we accept in Heaven (our spiritual consciousness) we will have here on Earth (our bodies/physical plane).

I accept Infinite possibilities without limitations.

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