04 September 2008

Purpose of Meditation

What is the purpose of meditation?

Sitting there in seemingly torturous and utter silence all alone...

It is to bring you back to the ultimate ground zero.

To bring you to that moment before the moment of your "creation" in this material existence.

To allow you to insperience the indwelling presence of the Divine, of YOUR spark of the Divine.

Because it is only in the insperience of that moment are you able to touch true joy, true nirvana, true bliss...heaven. is in those moments where you are in complete peace (shalem/shalom) that you are able to truly KNOW.

From there you are able to over come seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Only from there are you able to answer the questions for which you need answers.

The purpose of meditation is to be still and know that I AM.

Go back to the time where you are confronted with a question...even seemingly simple trivia and you KNOW the answer... you know that you know the is on the tip of your tongue but you can not bring forth the words. Try as you might, strain...groan but nothing comes out.

Only when you let stop have a moment of mental silence and then...only then does the answer spring forth.

Imagine what you will be able to answer, accomplish if you purposely sat still and know that I AM.

Just imagine....

image courtesy of: Raja Yoga

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  1. This is a great post, Swan!
    Sometimes it's so difficult to go into meditation as the burdens of the world are upon our shoulders. With effort, the stillness comes and we become centered, knowing who we are, can't escape, then true introspection, it's OK, peace surrounds and all becomes clear! It's such a great liberation! Great reminder for the stressful days!