21 December 2008


It was the symbol for Gabriel that appeared in my third eye when I received my second Reiki 1 initiation. I had no idea what the symbol was until I saw a video of Rabbi Gershon Winkler. He had four archangel symbols on his drum. I was blown away when I saw again the one that came to my mind. I feel very blessed to have experienced this. Before my initiation I had never seen that symbol before or known that it was linked to Gabriel.

Gabriel ("God is my strength")- An Arch Angel.

One of the two highest ranking angels. He is the angel of mercy, annunciation, resurrection, vengeance, death and revelation. He presides over paradise and is the ruling angel of the first heaven.

This archangel is a primary messenger of God, bringing divine announcements and revelations to humankind, acting as an intermediary between heaven and earth and helping us to interpret our dreams and our visions.

Gabriel grants wishes and hopes to mortals, as well as joy, mercy, understanding of mysteries, truth, justice, miracles and love.

Essene prayer: "Gabriel, Angel of Life, enter my limbs and give strength to my whole body".

(resource: internet)

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