24 December 2008

My Story

Reiki has been consciously apart of my life since June 2007. I first heard of Reiki about 4 years prior when I purchased Diane Steins ESSENTIAL REIKI for an online divine feminine class. However, I never could sit down and read the book. It made absolutely no sense to me.

Has that ever happened to you...intelligent as you may be you could make no sense of a particular subject until revisited? Perhaps it was not time. Perhaps Reiki was not to come into my life until some major life changing events.

Yes, that is when Reiki really made ITs way into my life. Someone I knew made suggestions several times that Reiki was for me. He had just learned of Reiki at an Integrated Medical Conference he attended. At the time I was not in for having someone telling me what to do, especially the state of our connection which at the time was very tenuous.

Now that I look back...perhaps that is why our paths crossed...for both of us to really take stock of our lives and finally start living our purpose. The very awkward & painful scenario of our interaction gifted me with new eyes for Reiki.

It wasn't until when I told my mother of the repeated suggestion that I should be Reiki that I finally looked into it. When I told her about this hands on healing method...she immediately jumped forward and told me yes, by all means look into it. At that moment she also told me of Barbara Brennan's book HANDS OF LIGHT. She had this book for nearly 20 years but never actually read it...but felt it was important to hold on to and that I should purchase.

At that time I recalled that I did in fact have a REIKI book on my shelf.

For the first time I pulled this book out to sit down and seriously read. The very easy straight forward and down to earth writing style of Ms. Stein made the book (Essential Reiki) very comfortable and inspiring.

I felt so empowered as I read this book. At one point I closed the book and stretched out on my bed. As I stretched out I spontaneously prayed to SOURCE and said I am open and willing for REIKI to bring healing and peace into my life.

Little did I know what I was saying.... Next thing I know I intuitively stretched my left hand up to the ceiling and my left leg out. At that moment I felt this bright energy surge into my left hand down the left side of my body all the way down to my foot.

I was ecstatic. I wow!

After that...I noticed that this heavy painful feeling I had in my legs was completely gone. Prior to this moment I had problems with a vein in my leg (a result of pregnancy years before) and my legs and circulation just began to feel more and more painful everyday. To the point that they felt like heavy bricks and no matter how much walking I did the pain would not go away. I was completely and utterly in dispair.

That, my dear ones, is my first encounter with Reiki.

Yes, I know many will naysay that you can experience Reiki from a book. Yes. I would agree. But you see, I experienced Reiki not from a book but from SOURCE.

That was the start of my journey.

I experienced Reiki in person from a Reiki Master while I was at the Free Spirit Alliance festival in Maryland. And later in that same tent a customer came along to join in our conversation on Reiki. I told her I had been studying on my own and she immediately guessed that I had been reading Essential Reiki. Rachel Evanofsy immediately asked me if I would like to be attuned to Reiki 1 and I jumped to the offer.

There in the middle of this tent, open to the public...I sat on the ground in front of her in seiza position and she began to attune me. I am not sure exactly what she did as my eyes were closed. But I had the sensations of my hands heating up at least 3 or 4 times. I blessed her and thanked her. She told me to do Reiki healing everyday. Funny thing is that is the same thing my mother told me to do when I told her of my spontaneous Reiki healing and at that point my mother knew NOTHING about Reiki.

To make a long story short after coming home from the festival I took a Reiki 1 class, then level 2. I studied correspondence course through Academy with Dharmadevi for 3rd level. Then I found a local Reiki Master teacher. I also continued to learn more. Learning and initiated into not only Western lineages but Japanese lineages as well.

I've had both in person and absentee initiations. Just as Reiki healing works even if the person is not present, initiations work even if a person is not present. My experiences with initiations have been powerful in either case.

The path of Reiki has been a blessing for me. Reiki helped me through a very tulmutous time of my life. Reiki continues to be a learning path. Yes, I am now initiated as a Reiki Master but that is not the end all. The title is something I continuously work to grow into and it is an infinite path.

I am proud of all the wonderful people I have in my Reiki lineage. It is my desire to continue to grow and to bless others as Source/God has blessed me.

Reiki is a special gift from Source/God. A gift that we in the physical plane can use to not only heal and balance ourselves but to help others.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! It's very inspirational and powerful! It shows how much we can discover at any point in our lives and move forward into new understandings.


  2. Thanks for the Twitter follow. I really enjoyed reading your story. I have been on the periphery of Reiki so you have inspired me to pick up and read some books I have. I also am interested in reading how you got into Reflexology. I am looking forward to reading your Tweets and blogs!