25 December 2008

Resting on Roots

Today I took a luxurious walk to the park.

The town is quiet. Almost not a car on the street.

Our society invests a lot of energy into
creating the sacred space of Christmas celebration.

What would happen if we invested this same energy,
this same intensity of energy into creating sacred space
of peace.

We human beings have been gifted with a Divine
gift of creating sacred space. This space we can
fill with peace, loving kindness and everything else
that is holy.

Energy follows intent.

At the park I enjoyed sitting on the beautiful roots
of a magnificent tree. He was tall and sturdy and old.
I asked him to keep me warm as I sat next to him
and he did. I rested against his side for about 20 minutes
and I enjoyed every bit of it.

May we all know the gift of creation that we possess.

May we create sacred space in each moment of our lives.

Space that is filled with peace, with love and happiness.

May we not fear inviting others into our space. Especially those
that we deem different from us.

1 comment:

  1. A Wonderful post!

    I believe that we indeed carry this sacred space wherever we go and that it's our true nature.

    Thanks for the beautiful words today:)