25 December 2008

On My Reiki Path

It is an absolutely beautiful day. The children have just left to spend a day out with their father. I am watching Star Trek Next Generation as I clean up my office space.

Supposing you can call me somewhat of a pack rat. Let me correct that I am a reformed pack rat although the journey is daily. I am cleaning up my office area and I came across a note book that had a page I wrote regarding my Reiki journey.

Here I will post what I wrote:

August 11, 2007

Today I have the opportunity once again to put my Reiki to practice. Unfortunately my son has some sort of stomach virus. He has asked that I give him Reiki. Several times today he has received Reiki. The first time he said it has helped him sleep. Each time I channel Reiki to him I have this minute doubt in my mind of my ability. But he affirms to me that it is helping.

But..but I am stepping forward. My reiki 2 teacher, Diane, has encouraged me so much, along with the encouragement of my mother, my children, even from the one who sort of pushed me in this direction.

Today I am taking steps to live what I am. I am , I am a channel for God/dess healing energy. My mission is to be a vessel of unconditional love and healing to the world.

Today I joined IARP as a Reiki practitioner which I rightfully am as a Reiki 1 and soon to be Reiki 2.

Just for today
I will believe
in myself.

Just for today
I know I am
When I look back at what I wrote it makes me smile. What I have accomplished and what I still yet have to do.

May you enjoy your journey as you walk down your Reiki Path.

I leave with you what I wrote on August 14, 2007:

Being a channel for Reiki,
for lovingkindness
is a constant goal

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  1. It's good to hear of your acceptance of that gift...and your struggle to do so. Your sidebar lists a daily path. When you can, please talk about gassho and your experience with the practice.