11 January 2009

Hugs Are Banned

Today I went for a much needed walk around town with my 14 year old 8th grade son.

My boy took me to the Dollar store for window shopping and then we went over to CVS where he bought a DOVE chocolate bar for his dear mother.

We passed by three late middle aged folks (2 men and 1 woman) chatting just before the entrance to the CVS. One of the men said to my son and me, "Hi, girls."

Mind you my son looks NOTHING like a girl, female or woman.

Well I kept walking but my son stopped and turned his 5'11 frame around and just looked at the man who in turned said, "Oh I mean and boy, sorry!"

It was amusing. Especially to know that I can still pass for "a girl" even though I am pushing 40 years.

We left the CVS and took a nice walk over to my friend's, Marilyn Fox, house. I had two of her jazz cd's that I needed to return.

About a block from Marilyn's house my son proceeds to tell me that hugging has been banned at his middle school.

The announcement went something like how would you like it if the teachers were hugging in the hall. The students are told that hugging should be done on their own time not during school.

Let me tell you that I do not understand this situation. Inappropriate touching such as kissing between boys and girls is one thing...but not hugging a friend? That's another.

Human touch is a fundamental necessity of life. Yes, touch is important. Many a baby has failed to thrive when human touch is out of the equation. No matter how much food and or medication as person is given for what ever ailment if they are not touched they will not make it.

When you eliminate contact with another person there are direr consequence to be had.

I was very happy to know that the kids ignore this rule and give each other hugs anyway.

Yes, I was happy to know this!

A pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek and a good ole fashioned hug are basic and necessary fundamental building blocks of life that can not be over done.

Have you hugged someone today? If no one is around, hug yourself and (the cherry on the top) tell yourself how much you love you!

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