12 January 2009

Born to Heal

I wrote a post on my other blog regarding the banning of hugs at my sons' middle school.

This story reminded me of when I was a young girl about the age of 9, about 30 years ago. As a young child and even sometimes now I would have this horrible jaw pain that would just radiate up my jaw into my neck and head.

There were times when this pain was so excruciating there was nothing for me to do but suffer in utter silence. Once I had the pain so intense I was unable to open my mouth to eat and I had to pass my beautiful warm cinnamon roll we had in school lunch on to my friend.

Well, I remember accompanying a family to where the daughters were rehearsing for someones wedding. Someone in the wedding party had a baby girl that was perhaps about 4-5 months old and who could not yet sit up without assistance.

Somehow I was lucky enough to be able to hold the baby in my arms while everyone was busy rehearsing.

The moment I began to hold this baby all the pain that I was suffering just melted/dissolved into nothing but a bundle of Love and Joy. I felt NOTHING but love and happiness. The awful pain I was feeling just vanished.

Well, unfortunately as a 9 year old I was not prepped on how one should hold a little baby and I did not have my arm or hand supporting her back. The baby sort of tipped over backwards. I did not drop her but the startle was enough for the adults around to snatch the baby out of my hands. INSTEAD of showing me the right way to hold her they just took her away from me.

Within moments of her leaving my arms the pain began to return.

Inside I cried. I wanted to hold her again because I knew she was giving healing energy to me. Of course I did not have the terminology at the age but I certainly had the understanding and the thoughts.

Sometimes wonder about that baby and the woman I hope she was blessed to grow up to be. Today this baby would be 29 or 30 year old woman. I wonder if she is helping to assist others.

Touch is so important. Each an everyone of us has the capacity within to help bring healing to another. We are each connected.

Mikao Usui bequeathed to the world a wonderful and accessible modality of Teate or Usui Reiki. With this touch system, in which we touch physical body or etheric body, we are able to transfer Reiki (Life Energy) in a wonderful healing way.

Please note that you do not have to be a "Reiki Practitioner" or any other formal fancy name practitioner in order for your touch to bring healing. All you need is LOVE.

Love is a healing balm. Touching your friends hand or giving her a hug is enough to start the exchange of healing love via TOUCH.

The word heal or healing does not necessarily mean that the physical is cure but it does mean that one is helped to reach his or her balance or center that the person is better able to cope with what ever stress is occurring.

Touch is okay. Touch is good. Of course common sense and appropriateness must be observed, unfortunately this has also to be said.

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