13 January 2009

Intuitive Card Readings

So I've been spending at sometime delving into doing readings with my Kabbalah Deck. This is a deck of cards displaying the Hebrew alphabet & ten sefiroth.

The Hebrew letters are very ancient and are imbued with mystical meanings.

According to Kabbalah tradition the 22 Hebrew letters are the building blocks of creation. Each letter has special meaning and a numerical value to it.

I am really wanting to stretch my muscles and commit this to my heart. For years I have been drawn to cards and even though I have a large collection of Tarot cards there has never been a set that really spoke to me not only spiritually or intellectually as the Kabbalah deck does. Basically it is just the Hebrew letters. I feel very lead to do spiritual growth readings with them.

Unfortunately, I am not fluent in speaking Hebrew but I am very well acquainted with the letters, their form, and their energy. From years and years of praying through the siddur (Hebrew prayer book) and Torah.

Currently I am helping my middle son prepare for his bar mitzvah. There is something very special about the Hebrew Alef Bet. And although I am not fluent in conversational Hebrew I feel that my heart is fluent in its form in function. Each time reading the siddur and especially tehillim (Psalms) new meaning jumps out of the page to me.

When I first started seriously painting about 11 years I did so after taking a class on the mystical Alef Bet (Hebrew for Alphabet) and my very first painting was the word MIZRACH which means East in Hebrew. East...where the Sunrises and where knowledge comes.

Would you like to join me in this venture?

I would like to offer Intuitive Card Readings to those interested in receiving.

Currently I am not charging for this but if you appreciate the reading I've given you then you are more than welcomed to send a donation.

You do not need to have a registered Paypal account make the donation via Paypal it simply provides a very secure credit card processing via a virtual terminal.

Also most importantly I need your feedback after I send the reading to you. This way I can gauge the direction I am heading.

I will be using my path as a Reiki practitioner to connect energetically with you to bring about the best intuitive reading I can do for you.

If you are, contact me for more details. ShalomReiki (at) gmail (dot) com

Leave a comment if you like.


  1. Stephanie TakemotoJanuary 14, 2009


    Thank you so much for my intuitive reading! It was dead on with everything you said . . . the writing, pondering, everything. It has really helped solidify and validate the feelings that I have had for a while now.

    I would highly recommend this to everyone. Such a beautiful reading, and I just love the use of the Hebrew.

    I would definitely do this again!

    <3 Stephanie

  2. Thank you Beloved! It was such a joy to do the reading, it really was.

  3. Tamu!
    Thank you again for such a beautiful reading. Best wishes on your path--

  4. Dear Tamu,

    I am so glad that you have trusted your heart’s direction and delved deeper into the interpretations and guidance from the Kabbalah Deck. The intuitive reading you graciously shared with me has been very helpful and insightful – I refer back to it all the time. Your support, guidance and sincerity are greatly appreciated. Shine on friend!