07 January 2009

Monday Night Reiki Share

Each first Monday of every month I host a local Reiki Healing Circle. We generally have anywhere from 5 to 7 people attend. This group's size is alright given the small town in which I live.

This past Monday we only had a totally of three people show up including myself. I was the only Reiki person and the other two were Johrei people.

Johrei is another Japanese healing technique. Don Beckett, once of my Reiki teachers, holds the idea that the founder of Johrei at one time took classes from Usui Sensei. He has his reasons for this and they are in his book.

I sat through to session of having Johrei beamed to me and then I proceeded to do complete Reiki treatments on each of the women. In hindsight I realise that it would have been better for me to receive Johrei then do the first Reiki treatment and then receive Johrei again before the next treatment.

Johrei is an interesting modality however it is not one for me at this time. At one time the practice of it utilize full hands on treatment like Reiki but because of government restrictions it went to hands off and beaming only. For this very reason Johrei beaming would not be for me. Sitting in a chair and beaming energy with one hand is not something I am ready for as I am a very tactile person so hands on is more my style and or hands on the aura only :-)

Check out the Shumei foundation as well. This is a concept I can totally dig.


  1. I have never heard of this treatment before....that was was the feeling? Same as receiving Reiki?

    I am not too much of hands on...I like my hands in the aura - I can feel better that way

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean... thats why I mentioned in the aura... I prefer to do a Reiki treatment about 2 to 3 inches off physical body.

    I personally found it difficult to connect with the Johrei the other night... maybe it was just me.

    But when I had it earlier in the year, from same person, it was more like warming up in my hands.

    You sit facing the person and they beam to your head and then you bend head and beam to crown.

    All the while your hands are in your lap.

    I felt sleepy and almost fell over both times :-)

    I prefer laying down.

  3. lol...I can feel ya on the falling over...thats how I felt each time I was receiving an attunement :-)