07 January 2009

Vibrating Thumb

Recently I worked a Reflexology session on a person and at the end I did as I usually do which is to give the client a short spat of Reiki via the soles of the feet and the tops of the feet.

This particular person had broken or sprained her ankle several times on the right foot. The right foot was significantly different from the left foot. Toes laid flatter rather than slightly arched and of course the ankle seemed denser.

What was most interesting was that when I gave this woman Reiki to the soles of the feet the thumb of my left hand (hand placed on the right foot) began to vibrate/buzz like crazy. The feeling was as if I had lost complete motor control in that hand/thumb.

Any stories of vibrating hands or appendages while giving Reiki?


  1. Sometimes, when I am giving Reiki the guides will take over my hands and move them to a different location. But once in a while, my hands or fingers will begin to shake a little - either a side to side motion or an up and down motion, responding to some energy field that needs to be moving at another pace.

    Sometimes I ask them why, and to show me what that movement is doing/helping. It is usually that a blockage needs to get unstuck and the movement of the Reiki energy (through the movement of my hand) is helping dislodge an energy pattern. After a short time, the energy usually settles and my hands will still.

  2. I have had that vibrating/buzzing sensation in my fingers and palms at times, too. It usually occurs when I am NOT giving "official" reiki but instead am giving a massage. I attribute this to the fact that that person is in need of balancing so I usually try to hold my hands in the area that the buzzing occurred without drawing attention to it.

    I have also had clients tell me that they have felt electrical impulses from hands at times and have asked, "what was that?" I usually play it off by saying, 'That's energy baby'.

    It is wonderful to know that the Reiki is flowing and doing its thing even when you are not really conscious of it. Just goes to show that the Universe really does know best.

  3. I have gave my cat reiki, my hands were vibrating. At first I thought it was her purring but when I checked she was silent. It took a few minutes for the 'buzz' sinsation to go away once I put her down.