31 December 2008

Time in a bottle

Do you wear a watch?

I do not wear a watch.

Why? Because I flat
out refuse to be a slave
to time.

Who told you time is money?

Where did that mentality come from?

Do you have any idea how the calendar
came into being?

Think about it.

Do you find it confusing that our
counted months are 28, 29, 30, 31 days?

I am old enough to know better
but I still must count my toes
to figure which month ends in which number.

I do not wear a watch because I refuse
to be a slave to time.

Time as someone told us we should count
time. Who decided this?

Is it natural?

Tick, tock....we tumble through the
calendar the way a gerbil tramples
his exercise wheel.....

Let us rethink: January, February,
March, April, May, June, July, August,
September, October, November & December.

28 December 2008

Kundalini Reiki

I'm not one to be into so many varieties of Reiki however when I found out that my Reiki friend Alice Langholt is a Kundalini Reiki master my interest was peaked.

What the heck, I thought to myself, why don't I give it a try. Let me see for myself. And no, I am from Chicago, not the Show Me State (but one would think!).

My Kundalini Reiki 1 attunement was a little intense. My second Kundalini Reiki 2 was not as intense as the first. What I mean is I did not experience it as intense.

The after effects and having done the Kundalini Reiki meditations have been intense.

A few nights ago as I placed my hand on my abdomen in the sacral region and this intense surge of energy shot up several times and then shot up and outward. It kept happening over and over again.

My experience thus far has been pleasant and I feel has helped me to more easily jump into a Reiki meditative state...that I use especially for distance healing.

Like I said, I am not one for Reiki flavor of the month as a Libra I suppse I am always balancing my perspective. I am a believer in- I know what I know...but at the same time there is a skeptic in me at work...I feel this stance is what helps me to maintain some realistic balance...if that makes any sense.

I am greatly intersted in the flow of Ch'i/Ki/Prana and how to harness and direct it.

Alice, by the way, is a very sensitive compassionate individual and I highly recommend her.

27 December 2008

In the Valley

Reiki has been a wonderful journey since the very beginning.

My spontaneous Reiki healing fueled my desire to learn as much as I could and as quickly as possible.

I had no idea where to go or who to turn to in order to find a Reiki teacher in my locale.

While at the Free Spirit Alliance festival I experienced my first in person Reiki demonstration by a Reiki master practitioner by the name of Robert. He put his hands on either side of my head and held them there for a few moments. What followed was an intense warming of the area around my head. This warming was somewhat of a pulsing...I termed it a brain massage. It felt as though my brain was being massaged with hands of love. It was an incredible sensation. I felt nothing but love and kindness.

He told me that he had always had a natural healing ability but that Reiki, which he learned from his wife Lynda, had amped up his ability.

Within moments of this lovely demonstration in walked Rachel who joined the conversation and subsequently offered to attune me to Reiki 1.

The rest is history.

Reiki has helped to bring much balance into this Libra woman's life. Before that I would teeter back and forth between my dangling scales...since Reiki practice I have become just a bit more grounded and centered.

In everything I do, especially critical in the beginning, my first thought would automatically be: "How would my reaction in this situation cause me to be a worthy channel of Reiki healing?"

This automatic thought would helped to center me and encourage me to think from a more emotional/rational point of view than from an emotional/irrational point of view.

My Reiki path has caused me to regain a lot of my unconditional love and compassion that I felt I had lost during the trials and tribulations of my life. It has helped to remind me of who I was/am all along.

I definitely consider Reiki to be an important Key to the Kingdom that is within. That place of pure and perfect peace (shalom/shalem) that serves as our connection to the One-ness and Unity of All.

Reiki has been away for me to transcend.

Yes, I have my mountains and my valleys. Times when I feel very attuned and times when I feel less. But those times when I feel less in the back of my mind I know that it will not last and I must continue onward paying it forward and being a blessing to someone, share the gift of Reiki with them. For me that simply means helping them to become centered and balance. The Source of Life extends to us a key/ki that gives us a tangible way of bringing balance so that we may be a blessing not only to ourselves but to others.

People say that Usui Reiki is not a religion. Religion by definition binds. The knowledge of Reiki is a path of spiritual freedom.

25 December 2008

Guiding Channel

Well over a year ago I began studying Chios Healing. My teacher is Connie Dohan of Ohio.

The manuals used to learn this system of healing are very well written and I applaud much kudos to Stephen H. Barrett of The Chios Institute.

Even if you think you are not interested in learning yet another method of energy healing studying and practicing what is written in these manuals will greatly enhance your practice of even Reiki healing.

You are, in my opinion, taught proper ways of approaching running energy, visualization and other techniques that are universally employed in energy healing.

Presently I am studying level 2 of Chios Healing having finished my level 1 back in September of 2007. Why has it taken me so long? Well...I was in school for Reflexology as well as studying Reiki as well as dealing with day to day life and raising three sons, two of which are teenagers.

Somewhere in my subconscious I know that what Chios Healing has to teach me will greatly benefit my practice and myself for the rest of my life so onward I plug.

Today I spent at least 2 to 3 hours reading and reviewing. Basically what I do is read into my mp3 recorder and then listen over and over again. I find this the best method I can employ to help me. It seems that before I bore children, nursed and nurtured them it was much easier for me to retain information!

I'm currently learning about channeling information. That is intuitively sensing or assessing the situation and what needs to be focused upon. Only recently have I come to have a better understanding of what it means to channel.

In the past I thought a channel was someone who was possessed by another entity. Alright, you can laugh.

Recently I come to realize that channel simply means to receive information and or of course be a channel of healing. For some reason I understood what it meant to be an open channel of Reiki healing...that which in my mind is immediately translated to mean vessel.

After studying this chapter in Chios Healing I realise that when I do distant healing sessions in Reiki I am also channeling information regarding the condition of my client.

Last month I did a distant Reiki treatment on one of the Reiki students I co-taught. During the session I sensed that there was disturbance in two of his chakras. Later he confirmed information to me coborated the information I was able to sense. Of course I am not sure how all of this works and I probably never will. Sometimes the left brain does not have to be satisfied!

Come to think of it I more recently did a distant healing session for someone in Europe. When I told her about the experience I felt with her third chakra she email responsed to me an intense dream and sensation she had that involved that same chakra. (I like to do distant Reiki while the person sleeps)

I am however interested in experiementing and growing more in this subject of channeling information and being in touch with my inner guides.

Lately I have begun to believe that the symbol of the archangel that was given to me at the time of my Reiki 1 initiation was meant to put me in touch with my archangel guide.

Could I wrap my mind around actually having an archangel as a guide?

Where Peace Begins

Thich Nhat Hanh

"Peace begins with your beautiful smile".

Resting on Roots

Today I took a luxurious walk to the park.

The town is quiet. Almost not a car on the street.

Our society invests a lot of energy into
creating the sacred space of Christmas celebration.

What would happen if we invested this same energy,
this same intensity of energy into creating sacred space
of peace.

We human beings have been gifted with a Divine
gift of creating sacred space. This space we can
fill with peace, loving kindness and everything else
that is holy.

Energy follows intent.

At the park I enjoyed sitting on the beautiful roots
of a magnificent tree. He was tall and sturdy and old.
I asked him to keep me warm as I sat next to him
and he did. I rested against his side for about 20 minutes
and I enjoyed every bit of it.

May we all know the gift of creation that we possess.

May we create sacred space in each moment of our lives.

Space that is filled with peace, with love and happiness.

May we not fear inviting others into our space. Especially those
that we deem different from us.

On My Reiki Path

It is an absolutely beautiful day. The children have just left to spend a day out with their father. I am watching Star Trek Next Generation as I clean up my office space.

Supposing you can call me somewhat of a pack rat. Let me correct that I am a reformed pack rat although the journey is daily. I am cleaning up my office area and I came across a note book that had a page I wrote regarding my Reiki journey.

Here I will post what I wrote:

August 11, 2007

Today I have the opportunity once again to put my Reiki to practice. Unfortunately my son has some sort of stomach virus. He has asked that I give him Reiki. Several times today he has received Reiki. The first time he said it has helped him sleep. Each time I channel Reiki to him I have this minute doubt in my mind of my ability. But he affirms to me that it is helping.

But..but I am stepping forward. My reiki 2 teacher, Diane, has encouraged me so much, along with the encouragement of my mother, my children, even from the one who sort of pushed me in this direction.

Today I am taking steps to live what I am. I am , I am a channel for God/dess healing energy. My mission is to be a vessel of unconditional love and healing to the world.

Today I joined IARP as a Reiki practitioner which I rightfully am as a Reiki 1 and soon to be Reiki 2.

Just for today
I will believe
in myself.

Just for today
I know I am
When I look back at what I wrote it makes me smile. What I have accomplished and what I still yet have to do.

May you enjoy your journey as you walk down your Reiki Path.

I leave with you what I wrote on August 14, 2007:

Being a channel for Reiki,
for lovingkindness
is a constant goal

24 December 2008

My Story

Reiki has been consciously apart of my life since June 2007. I first heard of Reiki about 4 years prior when I purchased Diane Steins ESSENTIAL REIKI for an online divine feminine class. However, I never could sit down and read the book. It made absolutely no sense to me.

Has that ever happened to you...intelligent as you may be you could make no sense of a particular subject until revisited? Perhaps it was not time. Perhaps Reiki was not to come into my life until some major life changing events.

Yes, that is when Reiki really made ITs way into my life. Someone I knew made suggestions several times that Reiki was for me. He had just learned of Reiki at an Integrated Medical Conference he attended. At the time I was not in for having someone telling me what to do, especially the state of our connection which at the time was very tenuous.

Now that I look back...perhaps that is why our paths crossed...for both of us to really take stock of our lives and finally start living our purpose. The very awkward & painful scenario of our interaction gifted me with new eyes for Reiki.

It wasn't until when I told my mother of the repeated suggestion that I should be Reiki that I finally looked into it. When I told her about this hands on healing method...she immediately jumped forward and told me yes, by all means look into it. At that moment she also told me of Barbara Brennan's book HANDS OF LIGHT. She had this book for nearly 20 years but never actually read it...but felt it was important to hold on to and that I should purchase.

At that time I recalled that I did in fact have a REIKI book on my shelf.

For the first time I pulled this book out to sit down and seriously read. The very easy straight forward and down to earth writing style of Ms. Stein made the book (Essential Reiki) very comfortable and inspiring.

I felt so empowered as I read this book. At one point I closed the book and stretched out on my bed. As I stretched out I spontaneously prayed to SOURCE and said I am open and willing for REIKI to bring healing and peace into my life.

Little did I know what I was saying.... Next thing I know I intuitively stretched my left hand up to the ceiling and my left leg out. At that moment I felt this bright energy surge into my left hand down the left side of my body all the way down to my foot.

I was ecstatic. I wow!

After that...I noticed that this heavy painful feeling I had in my legs was completely gone. Prior to this moment I had problems with a vein in my leg (a result of pregnancy years before) and my legs and circulation just began to feel more and more painful everyday. To the point that they felt like heavy bricks and no matter how much walking I did the pain would not go away. I was completely and utterly in dispair.

That, my dear ones, is my first encounter with Reiki.

Yes, I know many will naysay that you can experience Reiki from a book. Yes. I would agree. But you see, I experienced Reiki not from a book but from SOURCE.

That was the start of my journey.

I experienced Reiki in person from a Reiki Master while I was at the Free Spirit Alliance festival in Maryland. And later in that same tent a customer came along to join in our conversation on Reiki. I told her I had been studying on my own and she immediately guessed that I had been reading Essential Reiki. Rachel Evanofsy immediately asked me if I would like to be attuned to Reiki 1 and I jumped to the offer.

There in the middle of this tent, open to the public...I sat on the ground in front of her in seiza position and she began to attune me. I am not sure exactly what she did as my eyes were closed. But I had the sensations of my hands heating up at least 3 or 4 times. I blessed her and thanked her. She told me to do Reiki healing everyday. Funny thing is that is the same thing my mother told me to do when I told her of my spontaneous Reiki healing and at that point my mother knew NOTHING about Reiki.

To make a long story short after coming home from the festival I took a Reiki 1 class, then level 2. I studied correspondence course through Academy with Dharmadevi for 3rd level. Then I found a local Reiki Master teacher. I also continued to learn more. Learning and initiated into not only Western lineages but Japanese lineages as well.

I've had both in person and absentee initiations. Just as Reiki healing works even if the person is not present, initiations work even if a person is not present. My experiences with initiations have been powerful in either case.

The path of Reiki has been a blessing for me. Reiki helped me through a very tulmutous time of my life. Reiki continues to be a learning path. Yes, I am now initiated as a Reiki Master but that is not the end all. The title is something I continuously work to grow into and it is an infinite path.

I am proud of all the wonderful people I have in my Reiki lineage. It is my desire to continue to grow and to bless others as Source/God has blessed me.

Reiki is a special gift from Source/God. A gift that we in the physical plane can use to not only heal and balance ourselves but to help others.

21 December 2008


It was the symbol for Gabriel that appeared in my third eye when I received my second Reiki 1 initiation. I had no idea what the symbol was until I saw a video of Rabbi Gershon Winkler. He had four archangel symbols on his drum. I was blown away when I saw again the one that came to my mind. I feel very blessed to have experienced this. Before my initiation I had never seen that symbol before or known that it was linked to Gabriel.

Gabriel ("God is my strength")- An Arch Angel.

One of the two highest ranking angels. He is the angel of mercy, annunciation, resurrection, vengeance, death and revelation. He presides over paradise and is the ruling angel of the first heaven.

This archangel is a primary messenger of God, bringing divine announcements and revelations to humankind, acting as an intermediary between heaven and earth and helping us to interpret our dreams and our visions.

Gabriel grants wishes and hopes to mortals, as well as joy, mercy, understanding of mysteries, truth, justice, miracles and love.

Essene prayer: "Gabriel, Angel of Life, enter my limbs and give strength to my whole body".

(resource: internet)

18 December 2008

Reiki Can Help Stress Regardless of Belief

Reiki can help stress, regardless of belief

Senior Lookout
Anne Springer

Published: December 17, 2008 05:35 am

Reiki is a Japanese complementary therapy that was developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui of Japan. Considered a spiritual practice, it has also been touted as a healing modality, although clinical trials completed in 2008 have not supported the hypothesis that it can heal or improve any condition.

Practitioners claim that all of us have a life force that flows through pathways (charkas, meridians, and nadis) and around us (aura). This life force can be disrupted, and causes our organs and tissues to suffer. Presumably, when the flow is resumed, and positive energy replaces the negative, we can be healed. Even those who are not convinced that this is so, claim that Reiki is a wonderful stress reducer.

Whichever you believe, healing modality or quackery, at least Reiki is unlikely to do anyone any harm, and may be worth the effort to limit all those stress hormones circulating in our bodies.

Anyone can learn Reiki, and it is not difficult. Locally, Reiki sessions and classes are offered at Dream Time Wellness at the Manchester Healing Arts Center in Manchester. Owner Karen Pischke, RN, BSN, CH, RMT, does not limit her services just to people. Dream Time Wellness will help members of other species as well, including dogs, cats, and even horses. The number is 978-283-4258.

Beginning in January, Judy Armelin, RMT, will be offering Reiki sessions in Gloucester. She can be reached at 978-270-6026.

Those interested in Reiki as a profession may be interested in the "Wellness and the Healing Arts" certificate program at North Shore Community College. Included within the program are Reiki 1 and 2 (traditional Usui method), as well as other courses such as Understanding Nutrition, Herbal Pharmacology, and Yoga.

For those who work or spend time "over the bridge" and wish to attend classes a bit further south, Reiki classes are also held at the Lifestyle Management Institute, located at Beverly Hospital's Danvers Medical and Day Surgery Center, 480 Maple St., Danvers. Those interested can call 978-304-8415 for fees or class availability.

People can debate whether Reiki techniques work to heal anything or not, but in today's hectic world, anything that lets us take a few moments to ourselves for relaxation and self care is probably worth it.

Anne Springer is the public relations director of SeniorCare, Inc.

17 December 2008

Love Blossom

Humans love.
Flowers blossom.
Sky blue.
Deep and wide.

10 December 2008

True Inspiration

True inspiration goes beyond simply making another feel good.

True inspiration is the ability to touch the Soul of "other" in which she insperiences a moment of Oneness - for one moment between moments duality ceases to exists and in that moment she breathes, she inspires in recognition of the Oneness.....,the true Unity of all.

It is this moment - this moment between moments where duality is not reality - that gives one a minute taste of bliss, of nirvana, of heave.

An insperience (inner "experience") that reveals that we are truly capable. We are truly One.

hah (breathe).......release

om shanti shanti

03 December 2008

Reiki Awakening

When you get a chance check out Alice over at ReikiAwakening.

She has awesome energy!


This lovely and perfect quote was posted by a guy on Twitter.

It is powerful, enjoy!

A day's productivity/effectiveness is not measured by intention but by implementation. Your life goes where your energy flows.