31 January 2009

New Original Art Arriving This Week!

Stay tuned!

New original art arriving this coming week!

30 January 2009

More Information

Information on Shalom Reiki Healing Hands Reflexology Sessions.

Information on Shalom Reiki Healing Hands (distance/in person) Reiki Sessions.

CafePress: Hamsa Art by Tamu Ngina

Black/White Art by Tamu Ngina

Also available for custom art work.

Intuitive Alef/Bet Kabbalah readings.

For more information please feel free to email me.

This website is currently under construction! Please stay tuned.

28 January 2009

The Intuitive Way

In nearly every religious tradition adherents are called to sit still and go within. Whether it is through prayer, meditation or simply being silent it is only through this state of being that we are able to connect with Divinity that resides within.

Be still and know that I AM. That is what SOURCE calls us to.

It is that still small voice, sometimes not so small, that tugs at us or calls to us to go this way or that. Only when we take the time to listen to our inner voice will we have what we need to move forward in a way that is fulfilling to our souls.

The inner guide is called intuition and I believe this inner guide is our spark of Divinity which dwells within or you can envision it as the cord that connects us to our spark of Divinity connect us ultimately to the SOURCE of LIFE.

There are some that naturally follow that inner guide. And there are some of us who have yet to learn to trust that inner guide.

If you are looking to expand or jump start your innate intuitive I highly suggest you check out Penney Peirce's book:

THE INTUITIVE WAY: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness.

The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness

I am usually weary of any book that calls itself "Definitive" however you will not be disappointed.
I have the first edition copy of this workbook style guide.

Penney Peirce sensitively and intuitively guides you through the process of awakening to your inner awareness. She really does a wonderful job of this. I was very impressed with this book. It is like having a wonderful seminar in your hands. It is definitely NOT a boring read.

I have the 1997/2005 edition however there is a new edition coming out in September 2009 which has been expanded by at least 80 pages if not more.

Below is a link to the new edition and afterward a link to the older edition if you like to get started now.


New Edition 2009:

The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness

Older Edition 2005:

Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness

Trust me, you will not be disappointed in this more than adequate and well grounded book/workbook.

Thank you Penney Peirce, you rock!

22 January 2009

Here I AM

Here I AM.

This is all that REIKI requires of us.

To be here. To be ready. To be open. To be willing.

Hear I AM.

Put your hands on. Intend the energy to flow.

Doubt is not needed. Life's healing energy just is.

It exists. How do I know? Because I am sitting here typing this electronic missive to you.

We are conduits of energy. Life's energy and healing energy.

REIKI...Usui Reiki is a beautiful gift.

What ever "flavor" of Reiki you choose to express we all owe our Reiki presence to Mikao Usui. He was the one to show the modern world that we too can answer HERE I AM.

Yesterday I had a new client in my Shalom Reiki Healing Hands practice.

The first part of our session contained 35 minutes of foot reflexology and the last 20-25 minutes was a Reiki treatment.

It was such a beautiful experience and I was so honoured to be there. To be able to say Yes to LIFE and be there for my fellow human BE-ing and join him in centering and balancing.

Each time I engage in Reflexology therapy or Reiki therapy it is a spiritual act. It is a blessing.

May you always be willing to answer Yes, Here I AM, when Love calls.

In Your Back Yard

In million's of back yards across the country lies a much maligned and disgraced plant that is the target numerous assassination attempts.

This plant is so disliked that it is not even given the honour of being called a plant. Plants are something wanted, nurtured and cultivated. No this special being that has the potential to bless us in so many ways is given the ill gotten name "Weed".

What comes to mind when you here the term weed?

Pest. Annoyance. Destructive. Ugly and unwanted.

That is what most people normally think of when they see, hear the name of or think about the Dandelion.

The Dandelion is also known as Lioin's Tooth, Priest's Crown and the lovely name we remember from our childhood, Puffball.
Oh the joy of a child when the come across a dandelion ready to disperse its seeds. Blow on a dandelion and make a wish. Watch as its multitudes of seeds as the wind carries them off. They resemble sparkly angelic fairies as they dance away in the wind.

Oh the angst of adults when these see the dread Dandelion popping its head up out of their rich, lush and carefully manicured lawn. The Dandelion is no longer a gift waiting to explode so that its seeds dance away like fairies, no, the dandelion is a much abhorred aberration of what a beautiful lawn should be.
A few years back while at one of the local Middle Eastern grocery stores I came across a beautiful bundle of Dandelion greens for sale. Up until that point I had not idea that these beautifully hated "weeds" could be eaten.

Being adventurous as I am when it comes to vegies I decided to buy the bundle and cook them for dinner that night. Actually they were pretty tasty sauteed in EVOO and onions.

They were bitter!

Last year I was the local Mennonite health/bulk foods store and I came across a bag of Dandelion tea.

Of course I bought it. And a few weeks later I decided to look up my new found item in my book: "The Little Herb Encyclopedia" by Jack Ritchason, N.D.

I found so many interesting and surprising tidbits of information regarding this royal weed.

Dandelions are rich in potassium and are a natural diuretic. It is also helps to detoxify the system thus benefiting stiff joints. It is known to help reduce serum cholesterol.

European herbalist use it to treat diabetes and liver ailments. The Dandelion greens is a super source of vitamin A, so high that it makes it a carrot bush. It also acts as a gentle laxative. Contains all of the nutritive salts thus aiding in blood purifying.
Juice from the stem can be used to treat acne and warts.

When you eat the greens it helps to improve the enamel teeth.

Some aliments that are listed that Dandelion may help with are:

Age Spots
Blood cleanser
Digestive disorders
Yeast Infections

The list above is very short. Check out the book to see more information. So before you decided to de-weed or shall I say de-flower your lawn of the beautiful majestic dandelion plant please think twice.

Pluck some up from your yard. Enjoy a fresh salad, sauteed greens or drink as a tea.

The above post is only a snippet. I encourage you to do your own research. I drink Dandelion tea every day at least one cup.

Of course you should never attempt to self medicate and if you are in need of medical help please seek a qualified medical professional. :-)

18 January 2009

Uniting Heaven & Earth

Why does Usui Reiki practice bring balance?

Standing in the center of Reiki practice is the ability of the practitioner to bring down energy from the Heaven (masculine) and bring up grounding energy from the Earth (feminine).

These two energies unite with the individual's potential inner heart energy. Bringing balancing to the person. Relaxing and energizing.

People are indeed happier when they live through their heart. Healing comes from the heart.

Reiki is the 7th and ultimate energy on the physical plane which brings balance to all other energies in a persons life.

The other six energies are:

  1. Kekki
  2. Shioke
  3. Mizuke
  4. Kuki
  5. Denki
  6. Jiki
And Reiki being the 7th is the energy that holds and balances and helps all the other energies to work together. The 6th prior energies represents the energy of blood, relationship, action, attaining what we need in life to thrive and so on.

These energies do not directly or necessarily correlate with the seven chakras...but I say do the research and meditate on this for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

You can learn more about the seven energies represented in Japanese tradition by reading THE SPIRIT OF REIKI by Lubeck, Petter and Rand.

13 January 2009

Intuitive Card Readings

So I've been spending at sometime delving into doing readings with my Kabbalah Deck. This is a deck of cards displaying the Hebrew alphabet & ten sefiroth.

The Hebrew letters are very ancient and are imbued with mystical meanings.

According to Kabbalah tradition the 22 Hebrew letters are the building blocks of creation. Each letter has special meaning and a numerical value to it.

I am really wanting to stretch my muscles and commit this to my heart. For years I have been drawn to cards and even though I have a large collection of Tarot cards there has never been a set that really spoke to me not only spiritually or intellectually as the Kabbalah deck does. Basically it is just the Hebrew letters. I feel very lead to do spiritual growth readings with them.

Unfortunately, I am not fluent in speaking Hebrew but I am very well acquainted with the letters, their form, and their energy. From years and years of praying through the siddur (Hebrew prayer book) and Torah.

Currently I am helping my middle son prepare for his bar mitzvah. There is something very special about the Hebrew Alef Bet. And although I am not fluent in conversational Hebrew I feel that my heart is fluent in its form in function. Each time reading the siddur and especially tehillim (Psalms) new meaning jumps out of the page to me.

When I first started seriously painting about 11 years I did so after taking a class on the mystical Alef Bet (Hebrew for Alphabet) and my very first painting was the word MIZRACH which means East in Hebrew. East...where the Sunrises and where knowledge comes.

Would you like to join me in this venture?

I would like to offer Intuitive Card Readings to those interested in receiving.

Currently I am not charging for this but if you appreciate the reading I've given you then you are more than welcomed to send a donation.

You do not need to have a registered Paypal account make the donation via Paypal it simply provides a very secure credit card processing via a virtual terminal.

Also most importantly I need your feedback after I send the reading to you. This way I can gauge the direction I am heading.

I will be using my path as a Reiki practitioner to connect energetically with you to bring about the best intuitive reading I can do for you.

If you are, contact me for more details. ShalomReiki (at) gmail (dot) com

Leave a comment if you like.

12 January 2009

Born to Heal

I wrote a post on my other blog regarding the banning of hugs at my sons' middle school.

This story reminded me of when I was a young girl about the age of 9, about 30 years ago. As a young child and even sometimes now I would have this horrible jaw pain that would just radiate up my jaw into my neck and head.

There were times when this pain was so excruciating there was nothing for me to do but suffer in utter silence. Once I had the pain so intense I was unable to open my mouth to eat and I had to pass my beautiful warm cinnamon roll we had in school lunch on to my friend.

Well, I remember accompanying a family to where the daughters were rehearsing for someones wedding. Someone in the wedding party had a baby girl that was perhaps about 4-5 months old and who could not yet sit up without assistance.

Somehow I was lucky enough to be able to hold the baby in my arms while everyone was busy rehearsing.

The moment I began to hold this baby all the pain that I was suffering just melted/dissolved into nothing but a bundle of Love and Joy. I felt NOTHING but love and happiness. The awful pain I was feeling just vanished.

Well, unfortunately as a 9 year old I was not prepped on how one should hold a little baby and I did not have my arm or hand supporting her back. The baby sort of tipped over backwards. I did not drop her but the startle was enough for the adults around to snatch the baby out of my hands. INSTEAD of showing me the right way to hold her they just took her away from me.

Within moments of her leaving my arms the pain began to return.

Inside I cried. I wanted to hold her again because I knew she was giving healing energy to me. Of course I did not have the terminology at the age but I certainly had the understanding and the thoughts.

Sometimes wonder about that baby and the woman I hope she was blessed to grow up to be. Today this baby would be 29 or 30 year old woman. I wonder if she is helping to assist others.

Touch is so important. Each an everyone of us has the capacity within to help bring healing to another. We are each connected.

Mikao Usui bequeathed to the world a wonderful and accessible modality of Teate or Usui Reiki. With this touch system, in which we touch physical body or etheric body, we are able to transfer Reiki (Life Energy) in a wonderful healing way.

Please note that you do not have to be a "Reiki Practitioner" or any other formal fancy name practitioner in order for your touch to bring healing. All you need is LOVE.

Love is a healing balm. Touching your friends hand or giving her a hug is enough to start the exchange of healing love via TOUCH.

The word heal or healing does not necessarily mean that the physical is cure but it does mean that one is helped to reach his or her balance or center that the person is better able to cope with what ever stress is occurring.

Touch is okay. Touch is good. Of course common sense and appropriateness must be observed, unfortunately this has also to be said.

touch photo credit here:

11 January 2009

Hugs Are Banned

Today I went for a much needed walk around town with my 14 year old 8th grade son.

My boy took me to the Dollar store for window shopping and then we went over to CVS where he bought a DOVE chocolate bar for his dear mother.

We passed by three late middle aged folks (2 men and 1 woman) chatting just before the entrance to the CVS. One of the men said to my son and me, "Hi, girls."

Mind you my son looks NOTHING like a girl, female or woman.

Well I kept walking but my son stopped and turned his 5'11 frame around and just looked at the man who in turned said, "Oh I mean and boy, sorry!"

It was amusing. Especially to know that I can still pass for "a girl" even though I am pushing 40 years.

We left the CVS and took a nice walk over to my friend's, Marilyn Fox, house. I had two of her jazz cd's that I needed to return.

About a block from Marilyn's house my son proceeds to tell me that hugging has been banned at his middle school.

The announcement went something like how would you like it if the teachers were hugging in the hall. The students are told that hugging should be done on their own time not during school.

Let me tell you that I do not understand this situation. Inappropriate touching such as kissing between boys and girls is one thing...but not hugging a friend? That's another.

Human touch is a fundamental necessity of life. Yes, touch is important. Many a baby has failed to thrive when human touch is out of the equation. No matter how much food and or medication as person is given for what ever ailment if they are not touched they will not make it.

When you eliminate contact with another person there are direr consequence to be had.

I was very happy to know that the kids ignore this rule and give each other hugs anyway.

Yes, I was happy to know this!

A pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek and a good ole fashioned hug are basic and necessary fundamental building blocks of life that can not be over done.

Have you hugged someone today? If no one is around, hug yourself and (the cherry on the top) tell yourself how much you love you!

Another blog post on hugging.....

Reiki Basics

A lovely and simple video on Reiki & how it can help you to help yourself.

08 January 2009

Mini Bio

Blessings and Welcome to my launching pad on the net!
My name is Tamu Ngina which is a Swahili & Kikuyu name which means Sweet, One Who Serves.

As I enjoy joking thank goodness my mother was not teaching herself Klingon when she was pregnant with me.

I am a mother of three, two of which are teenagers. My passion is art and energy healing. Research and constant learning is what drives me.

Along with being a visual artist I am also Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master and certified Reflexology Therapist whose motto is : Love Your Feet & Your Body Will Love You!

I received my Therapeutic Reflexology Diploma from Lehigh Valley Healing Arts Academy a Pennsylvania Department of Education state certified school under the instruction of Diane Alex.

My Reiki journey has me at master level practitioner trained in both Western and Japanese Reiki and I am deeply committed to a life long practice and learning in the field of energy healing. Reiki training was received from Rachel Evanofsky, Arnie Hagerty, Diane Griffin, Leslie & Jayson Suttkis, Reiki Blessings Academy, In the Heart of Reiki, Robin Littlefeather Hannon of Abiding Reiki & Don Becket. As they say, the beat goes on!

I am a professional member of the Reflexology Association of America, International Association of Reiki Professionals, practitioner member of American Holistic Health Association, International Natural Healers Association, and a Care Alternatives Hospice Event Volunteer.

Also Check out my Blogs... Radiant Swan and Infinite Reiki

These are just a few of my past accomplishments and I figure I will leave this current list as is. Any current events will be added as they occur. I took several years off just in order to enjoy being and taking care of my children. Retreat Art Worshop November 2003

Temple Judea Chanukah Bazaar Sunday, December 7, 2003

ChaBaD: Jewish Life Festival 2003 Washington Square, NYC

Book cover art for Empress of Zion organization 2003

Smallworks exhibition at New Arts Program, Pennsylvania 2003

Calligraphy & Cover Design for Congregation Sons of Israel Journal 2003

Henna WorkShop Penn State University Spring 2003

Board member for : Self Representing Artist Organization. 2002-2003.

Juried member of Emerging Self Representing Artist 2002-2003

Creator/Designer/VP of Kulanu Boutique Online Presence 2002-2006

Board member for Off the Wall Artist: Self Representing Artist Organization. 2002.

University of Florida Hillel Foundation for Spirituality Series Brochure. 2001

Member & Personnel Director of Venue Arts, Kutztown, PA. 2001

Congregation Am HaSkalah; Pennsylvania Donation Cards. Autumn 2001

Temple Beth El; Pennsylvania Sisterhood Calendar cover. September 2001

Henna WorkShop Penn State University Spring 2001

Open Space Gallery;Pennsylvania Abstract Exhibit June 2001

New Arts Program; Invitational Salon Small works.
June 2001

Founder/Moderator of AframJews eList Community
July 1998

07 January 2009

Vibrating Thumb

Recently I worked a Reflexology session on a person and at the end I did as I usually do which is to give the client a short spat of Reiki via the soles of the feet and the tops of the feet.

This particular person had broken or sprained her ankle several times on the right foot. The right foot was significantly different from the left foot. Toes laid flatter rather than slightly arched and of course the ankle seemed denser.

What was most interesting was that when I gave this woman Reiki to the soles of the feet the thumb of my left hand (hand placed on the right foot) began to vibrate/buzz like crazy. The feeling was as if I had lost complete motor control in that hand/thumb.

Any stories of vibrating hands or appendages while giving Reiki?

Monday Night Reiki Share

Each first Monday of every month I host a local Reiki Healing Circle. We generally have anywhere from 5 to 7 people attend. This group's size is alright given the small town in which I live.

This past Monday we only had a totally of three people show up including myself. I was the only Reiki person and the other two were Johrei people.

Johrei is another Japanese healing technique. Don Beckett, once of my Reiki teachers, holds the idea that the founder of Johrei at one time took classes from Usui Sensei. He has his reasons for this and they are in his book.

I sat through to session of having Johrei beamed to me and then I proceeded to do complete Reiki treatments on each of the women. In hindsight I realise that it would have been better for me to receive Johrei then do the first Reiki treatment and then receive Johrei again before the next treatment.

Johrei is an interesting modality however it is not one for me at this time. At one time the practice of it utilize full hands on treatment like Reiki but because of government restrictions it went to hands off and beaming only. For this very reason Johrei beaming would not be for me. Sitting in a chair and beaming energy with one hand is not something I am ready for as I am a very tactile person so hands on is more my style and or hands on the aura only :-)

Check out the Shumei foundation as well. This is a concept I can totally dig.

Board member for : Self Representing Artist Organization. 2002
Juried member of Emerging Self Representing Artist 2002-
Board member for Off the Wall Artist: Self Representing Artist Organization. 2002
Congregation Am HaSkalah; Pennsylvania Donation Cards. 2001
Temple Beth El; Pennsylvania Sisterhood Calendar cover. 2001
Henna WorkShop Penn State University 2001
Open Space Gallery;Pennsylvania Abstract Exhibit June 2001
New Arts Program; Invitational Salon Small works. June 2001

05 January 2009

Touched By An Angel

You be the "judge"

and one more take

04 January 2009

Offering Distant-Absentee Reiki Treatments

I am offering distance Reiki sessions. *

Steps to request a REIKI distant session:

1. Email me at ShalomReiki (at) gmail (dot) com introducing yourself.

Include your name, age, location and general issues you are seeking to address.

Please include a photo. It is important for me to connect with the person I send Reiki. I connect visually as well as audibly.

2. I will respond to your email suggesting a time that I am able to do a absentee Reiki treatment.

Treatments are 20 minutes long, full absentee treatment unless otherwise discussed.

3. I will send you complete instructions for meditation/affirmations before and after absentee/distant Reiki treatment.

4. Before or after session you may send a donation via PayPal link on the right side column of the blog.

**At this time I am offering distance Reiki session without a set fee however an optional donation is very much appreciated.

I am also open to trades such as homemade art or crafts, just email me.

This will be our energetic exchange. Something of value for something of value. Email me with any questions.

01 January 2009

Fire Serpent Symbol

In Raku Kei Reiki and in Karuna Reiki there is a Tibetan symbol used that in English is called the FIRE SERPENT Symbol.

It always seemed incongruent to me to have generally all the symbols in their native tongue but have a very powerful symbol spoken in English.

So I did some searching and discovered the Tibetan name for the symbol.

Here is the information I found.

Nin Giz Zida (See Also Fire Serpent) - A "Tibetan" symbol used in the Usui/Tibetan tradition. The Fire Serpent represents the "Sleeping Serpent" coiling at the base of the spine. The fire Serpent is used during an attunement with horizontal line over top of crown, snaking down the spine, and spiraling clockwise at base of spine; grounds energy into lower (feet to tailbone) body.

By reversing the spiral (counter-clockwise) starting at base of spine, snaking up spine and ending with horizontal line over the crown; it pushes energy up to four upper chakras. It does not allow energy to escape out of crown chakra. The fire serpent connects and opens all chakras. It opens the central channel allowing the flow of Kundalini fire. It can be used in healing or meditation for more balance and receptivity.

Wanna know something interesting? I started painting symbols that resembled the Raku/Nin Giz Zida about a year if not more before I actually learned to practice Reiki. I was obsessed with this symbol.

When I received my in person Usui Reiki/Raku Kei Master initiation this symbol was used in me. I had never seen this symbol before. Of course it was only recently (this week) as I was looking at old paintings that I noticed the resemblence. I found this Nin Giz Zida to be very powerful. Likened unto an energetic lightening bolt.

definition found at:

New Day New Compassion

Just for today I seek to be more compassionate not only to myself but to my fellow human beings.

The theme of compassion and unconditional love has been tracing in and around my life especially the last two Gregorian years.

Compassion calls one to let go of their fears and worries and to step for in unconditional love and mercy. These are qualities that exist in all of us from the time of our birth. As a result of various stresses and pains that have struck us throughout our lives many of us have constricted not allowing compassion and unconditional love to manifest.

The practice of Reiki is a wonderful healing method that begins within. The new Reiki practitioner is called to first work towards healing his or herself before attempting to help others to enter their own healing.

The process of healing requires that one steps forward in compassion and love whether the healing is taking place within (self healing) or with out by assisting others in their personal healing. Healing is a process which can take place on one level or several levels. Various levels of healing include spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

Karuna Ki Reiki has been a beautiful practice in my life. I feel more and more called to manifest it in my life on a daily basis as I feel called towards a greater and greater amount of compassion and unconditional love. That compassion and love which I so readily shared as a child but somehow closed up as I became an adult.

As I am working towards calling more compassionate energy into my life I also feel that this is a Universal need and not just my own.

Early in 2008 I was initiated into Karuna Ki Reiki. I have found that Karuna Ki Do offers much to one's Reiki practice once it is employed.

Now, today, I have decided to offer Karuna Ki Reiki Attunements to those who are interested in this practice of connecting with the compassion, unconditional love and mercy of the Source of Life.

You may find below more information on Karuna Ki Reiki and my attunements. Please feel free to email me. If you are interested in ordering the attunements we will work together on scheduling attunements for simulataneous attunement and acceptance of the attunements.

Fees are for the block of time I set aside for attunement, continued support and for handsigned certificate that will be mailed to you.

The Karuna Ki Reiki attunements are offered to Usui Reiki Master level practitioners.

Karuna Ki Reiki

Karuna Ki is an art that was developed from Vincent Amador’s practices with Karuna Reiki(R) and the Karuna Symbols.

Karuna Ki is the Way of Compassionate Energy and a Healing and Meditative practice using the Karuna Ki energy and symbols to be the Divine Heart of Compassion.

Karuna Ki shares the symbols and early development with Karuna Reiki (R), and Tera Mai-Reiki(R).

Karuna Ki has new attunements and Karuna Ki Do meditations, and is a new development apart from either Karuna Reiki(R) and Tera Mai-Reiki(R).

The basic principle of Karuna Ki is the connection to (and becoming) the embodiment of compassion both for healing self and others, and to send healing and compassion to all creation. The attunement and subsequent meditations link us to the compassion of God (which we all already are and have!), and it is through this power that we heal.

Karuna Ki Reiki Attunement Levels:

Karuna Ki Reiki Master**Karuna Ki Reiki Level One **Karuna Ki Reiki Level Two

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Reiki Master

Ordering for Karuna Ki Reiki can be done via the side bar on the right.

Karuna Ki Reiki is offered in three individual attunements spaced at least 1 to 2 weeks between attunement levels.
Total Fee exchange for all three initiations: $50

All fees include postage for mailing certificate and includes:
3 separate attunements, 2 manuals, beautiful hand signed certificate including lineage, and on going/continued email communication/support/mentoring.

You will be provided with manual and instructions prior to attunement process as there are meditations to preform.

If you are not a Reiki Master you may also be attuned to individual levels of Karuna Ki. Please contact for more details.


Karuna Ki and Karuna Ki Do are in no way affiliated with Karuna Reiki(R), the International Center for Reiki Studies(R) or WIlliam Rand, both of which are registered trademarks of William Lee Rand.

Karuna Ki and Karuna Ki Do are in no way affiliated with Tera Mai(R) Reiki, or Kathleen Milner.