31 December 2008

Time in a bottle

Do you wear a watch?

I do not wear a watch.

Why? Because I flat
out refuse to be a slave
to time.

Who told you time is money?

Where did that mentality come from?

Do you have any idea how the calendar
came into being?

Think about it.

Do you find it confusing that our
counted months are 28, 29, 30, 31 days?

I am old enough to know better
but I still must count my toes
to figure which month ends in which number.

I do not wear a watch because I refuse
to be a slave to time.

Time as someone told us we should count
time. Who decided this?

Is it natural?

Tick, tock....we tumble through the
calendar the way a gerbil tramples
his exercise wheel.....

Let us rethink: January, February,
March, April, May, June, July, August,
September, October, November & December.

28 December 2008

Kundalini Reiki

I'm not one to be into so many varieties of Reiki however when I found out that my Reiki friend Alice Langholt is a Kundalini Reiki master my interest was peaked.

What the heck, I thought to myself, why don't I give it a try. Let me see for myself. And no, I am from Chicago, not the Show Me State (but one would think!).

My Kundalini Reiki 1 attunement was a little intense. My second Kundalini Reiki 2 was not as intense as the first. What I mean is I did not experience it as intense.

The after effects and having done the Kundalini Reiki meditations have been intense.

A few nights ago as I placed my hand on my abdomen in the sacral region and this intense surge of energy shot up several times and then shot up and outward. It kept happening over and over again.

My experience thus far has been pleasant and I feel has helped me to more easily jump into a Reiki meditative state...that I use especially for distance healing.

Like I said, I am not one for Reiki flavor of the month as a Libra I suppse I am always balancing my perspective. I am a believer in- I know what I know...but at the same time there is a skeptic in me at work...I feel this stance is what helps me to maintain some realistic balance...if that makes any sense.

I am greatly intersted in the flow of Ch'i/Ki/Prana and how to harness and direct it.

Alice, by the way, is a very sensitive compassionate individual and I highly recommend her.

27 December 2008

In the Valley

Reiki has been a wonderful journey since the very beginning.

My spontaneous Reiki healing fueled my desire to learn as much as I could and as quickly as possible.

I had no idea where to go or who to turn to in order to find a Reiki teacher in my locale.

While at the Free Spirit Alliance festival I experienced my first in person Reiki demonstration by a Reiki master practitioner by the name of Robert. He put his hands on either side of my head and held them there for a few moments. What followed was an intense warming of the area around my head. This warming was somewhat of a pulsing...I termed it a brain massage. It felt as though my brain was being massaged with hands of love. It was an incredible sensation. I felt nothing but love and kindness.

He told me that he had always had a natural healing ability but that Reiki, which he learned from his wife Lynda, had amped up his ability.

Within moments of this lovely demonstration in walked Rachel who joined the conversation and subsequently offered to attune me to Reiki 1.

The rest is history.

Reiki has helped to bring much balance into this Libra woman's life. Before that I would teeter back and forth between my dangling scales...since Reiki practice I have become just a bit more grounded and centered.

In everything I do, especially critical in the beginning, my first thought would automatically be: "How would my reaction in this situation cause me to be a worthy channel of Reiki healing?"

This automatic thought would helped to center me and encourage me to think from a more emotional/rational point of view than from an emotional/irrational point of view.

My Reiki path has caused me to regain a lot of my unconditional love and compassion that I felt I had lost during the trials and tribulations of my life. It has helped to remind me of who I was/am all along.

I definitely consider Reiki to be an important Key to the Kingdom that is within. That place of pure and perfect peace (shalom/shalem) that serves as our connection to the One-ness and Unity of All.

Reiki has been away for me to transcend.

Yes, I have my mountains and my valleys. Times when I feel very attuned and times when I feel less. But those times when I feel less in the back of my mind I know that it will not last and I must continue onward paying it forward and being a blessing to someone, share the gift of Reiki with them. For me that simply means helping them to become centered and balance. The Source of Life extends to us a key/ki that gives us a tangible way of bringing balance so that we may be a blessing not only to ourselves but to others.

People say that Usui Reiki is not a religion. Religion by definition binds. The knowledge of Reiki is a path of spiritual freedom.

25 December 2008

Guiding Channel

Well over a year ago I began studying Chios Healing. My teacher is Connie Dohan of Ohio.

The manuals used to learn this system of healing are very well written and I applaud much kudos to Stephen H. Barrett of The Chios Institute.

Even if you think you are not interested in learning yet another method of energy healing studying and practicing what is written in these manuals will greatly enhance your practice of even Reiki healing.

You are, in my opinion, taught proper ways of approaching running energy, visualization and other techniques that are universally employed in energy healing.

Presently I am studying level 2 of Chios Healing having finished my level 1 back in September of 2007. Why has it taken me so long? Well...I was in school for Reflexology as well as studying Reiki as well as dealing with day to day life and raising three sons, two of which are teenagers.

Somewhere in my subconscious I know that what Chios Healing has to teach me will greatly benefit my practice and myself for the rest of my life so onward I plug.

Today I spent at least 2 to 3 hours reading and reviewing. Basically what I do is read into my mp3 recorder and then listen over and over again. I find this the best method I can employ to help me. It seems that before I bore children, nursed and nurtured them it was much easier for me to retain information!

I'm currently learning about channeling information. That is intuitively sensing or assessing the situation and what needs to be focused upon. Only recently have I come to have a better understanding of what it means to channel.

In the past I thought a channel was someone who was possessed by another entity. Alright, you can laugh.

Recently I come to realize that channel simply means to receive information and or of course be a channel of healing. For some reason I understood what it meant to be an open channel of Reiki healing...that which in my mind is immediately translated to mean vessel.

After studying this chapter in Chios Healing I realise that when I do distant healing sessions in Reiki I am also channeling information regarding the condition of my client.

Last month I did a distant Reiki treatment on one of the Reiki students I co-taught. During the session I sensed that there was disturbance in two of his chakras. Later he confirmed information to me coborated the information I was able to sense. Of course I am not sure how all of this works and I probably never will. Sometimes the left brain does not have to be satisfied!

Come to think of it I more recently did a distant healing session for someone in Europe. When I told her about the experience I felt with her third chakra she email responsed to me an intense dream and sensation she had that involved that same chakra. (I like to do distant Reiki while the person sleeps)

I am however interested in experiementing and growing more in this subject of channeling information and being in touch with my inner guides.

Lately I have begun to believe that the symbol of the archangel that was given to me at the time of my Reiki 1 initiation was meant to put me in touch with my archangel guide.

Could I wrap my mind around actually having an archangel as a guide?

Where Peace Begins

Thich Nhat Hanh

"Peace begins with your beautiful smile".

Resting on Roots

Today I took a luxurious walk to the park.

The town is quiet. Almost not a car on the street.

Our society invests a lot of energy into
creating the sacred space of Christmas celebration.

What would happen if we invested this same energy,
this same intensity of energy into creating sacred space
of peace.

We human beings have been gifted with a Divine
gift of creating sacred space. This space we can
fill with peace, loving kindness and everything else
that is holy.

Energy follows intent.

At the park I enjoyed sitting on the beautiful roots
of a magnificent tree. He was tall and sturdy and old.
I asked him to keep me warm as I sat next to him
and he did. I rested against his side for about 20 minutes
and I enjoyed every bit of it.

May we all know the gift of creation that we possess.

May we create sacred space in each moment of our lives.

Space that is filled with peace, with love and happiness.

May we not fear inviting others into our space. Especially those
that we deem different from us.

On My Reiki Path

It is an absolutely beautiful day. The children have just left to spend a day out with their father. I am watching Star Trek Next Generation as I clean up my office space.

Supposing you can call me somewhat of a pack rat. Let me correct that I am a reformed pack rat although the journey is daily. I am cleaning up my office area and I came across a note book that had a page I wrote regarding my Reiki journey.

Here I will post what I wrote:

August 11, 2007

Today I have the opportunity once again to put my Reiki to practice. Unfortunately my son has some sort of stomach virus. He has asked that I give him Reiki. Several times today he has received Reiki. The first time he said it has helped him sleep. Each time I channel Reiki to him I have this minute doubt in my mind of my ability. But he affirms to me that it is helping.

But..but I am stepping forward. My reiki 2 teacher, Diane, has encouraged me so much, along with the encouragement of my mother, my children, even from the one who sort of pushed me in this direction.

Today I am taking steps to live what I am. I am , I am a channel for God/dess healing energy. My mission is to be a vessel of unconditional love and healing to the world.

Today I joined IARP as a Reiki practitioner which I rightfully am as a Reiki 1 and soon to be Reiki 2.

Just for today
I will believe
in myself.

Just for today
I know I am
When I look back at what I wrote it makes me smile. What I have accomplished and what I still yet have to do.

May you enjoy your journey as you walk down your Reiki Path.

I leave with you what I wrote on August 14, 2007:

Being a channel for Reiki,
for lovingkindness
is a constant goal

24 December 2008

My Story

Reiki has been consciously apart of my life since June 2007. I first heard of Reiki about 4 years prior when I purchased Diane Steins ESSENTIAL REIKI for an online divine feminine class. However, I never could sit down and read the book. It made absolutely no sense to me.

Has that ever happened to you...intelligent as you may be you could make no sense of a particular subject until revisited? Perhaps it was not time. Perhaps Reiki was not to come into my life until some major life changing events.

Yes, that is when Reiki really made ITs way into my life. Someone I knew made suggestions several times that Reiki was for me. He had just learned of Reiki at an Integrated Medical Conference he attended. At the time I was not in for having someone telling me what to do, especially the state of our connection which at the time was very tenuous.

Now that I look back...perhaps that is why our paths crossed...for both of us to really take stock of our lives and finally start living our purpose. The very awkward & painful scenario of our interaction gifted me with new eyes for Reiki.

It wasn't until when I told my mother of the repeated suggestion that I should be Reiki that I finally looked into it. When I told her about this hands on healing method...she immediately jumped forward and told me yes, by all means look into it. At that moment she also told me of Barbara Brennan's book HANDS OF LIGHT. She had this book for nearly 20 years but never actually read it...but felt it was important to hold on to and that I should purchase.

At that time I recalled that I did in fact have a REIKI book on my shelf.

For the first time I pulled this book out to sit down and seriously read. The very easy straight forward and down to earth writing style of Ms. Stein made the book (Essential Reiki) very comfortable and inspiring.

I felt so empowered as I read this book. At one point I closed the book and stretched out on my bed. As I stretched out I spontaneously prayed to SOURCE and said I am open and willing for REIKI to bring healing and peace into my life.

Little did I know what I was saying.... Next thing I know I intuitively stretched my left hand up to the ceiling and my left leg out. At that moment I felt this bright energy surge into my left hand down the left side of my body all the way down to my foot.

I was ecstatic. I wow!

After that...I noticed that this heavy painful feeling I had in my legs was completely gone. Prior to this moment I had problems with a vein in my leg (a result of pregnancy years before) and my legs and circulation just began to feel more and more painful everyday. To the point that they felt like heavy bricks and no matter how much walking I did the pain would not go away. I was completely and utterly in dispair.

That, my dear ones, is my first encounter with Reiki.

Yes, I know many will naysay that you can experience Reiki from a book. Yes. I would agree. But you see, I experienced Reiki not from a book but from SOURCE.

That was the start of my journey.

I experienced Reiki in person from a Reiki Master while I was at the Free Spirit Alliance festival in Maryland. And later in that same tent a customer came along to join in our conversation on Reiki. I told her I had been studying on my own and she immediately guessed that I had been reading Essential Reiki. Rachel Evanofsy immediately asked me if I would like to be attuned to Reiki 1 and I jumped to the offer.

There in the middle of this tent, open to the public...I sat on the ground in front of her in seiza position and she began to attune me. I am not sure exactly what she did as my eyes were closed. But I had the sensations of my hands heating up at least 3 or 4 times. I blessed her and thanked her. She told me to do Reiki healing everyday. Funny thing is that is the same thing my mother told me to do when I told her of my spontaneous Reiki healing and at that point my mother knew NOTHING about Reiki.

To make a long story short after coming home from the festival I took a Reiki 1 class, then level 2. I studied correspondence course through Academy with Dharmadevi for 3rd level. Then I found a local Reiki Master teacher. I also continued to learn more. Learning and initiated into not only Western lineages but Japanese lineages as well.

I've had both in person and absentee initiations. Just as Reiki healing works even if the person is not present, initiations work even if a person is not present. My experiences with initiations have been powerful in either case.

The path of Reiki has been a blessing for me. Reiki helped me through a very tulmutous time of my life. Reiki continues to be a learning path. Yes, I am now initiated as a Reiki Master but that is not the end all. The title is something I continuously work to grow into and it is an infinite path.

I am proud of all the wonderful people I have in my Reiki lineage. It is my desire to continue to grow and to bless others as Source/God has blessed me.

Reiki is a special gift from Source/God. A gift that we in the physical plane can use to not only heal and balance ourselves but to help others.

21 December 2008


It was the symbol for Gabriel that appeared in my third eye when I received my second Reiki 1 initiation. I had no idea what the symbol was until I saw a video of Rabbi Gershon Winkler. He had four archangel symbols on his drum. I was blown away when I saw again the one that came to my mind. I feel very blessed to have experienced this. Before my initiation I had never seen that symbol before or known that it was linked to Gabriel.

Gabriel ("God is my strength")- An Arch Angel.

One of the two highest ranking angels. He is the angel of mercy, annunciation, resurrection, vengeance, death and revelation. He presides over paradise and is the ruling angel of the first heaven.

This archangel is a primary messenger of God, bringing divine announcements and revelations to humankind, acting as an intermediary between heaven and earth and helping us to interpret our dreams and our visions.

Gabriel grants wishes and hopes to mortals, as well as joy, mercy, understanding of mysteries, truth, justice, miracles and love.

Essene prayer: "Gabriel, Angel of Life, enter my limbs and give strength to my whole body".

(resource: internet)

18 December 2008

Reiki Can Help Stress Regardless of Belief

Reiki can help stress, regardless of belief

Senior Lookout
Anne Springer

Published: December 17, 2008 05:35 am

Reiki is a Japanese complementary therapy that was developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui of Japan. Considered a spiritual practice, it has also been touted as a healing modality, although clinical trials completed in 2008 have not supported the hypothesis that it can heal or improve any condition.

Practitioners claim that all of us have a life force that flows through pathways (charkas, meridians, and nadis) and around us (aura). This life force can be disrupted, and causes our organs and tissues to suffer. Presumably, when the flow is resumed, and positive energy replaces the negative, we can be healed. Even those who are not convinced that this is so, claim that Reiki is a wonderful stress reducer.

Whichever you believe, healing modality or quackery, at least Reiki is unlikely to do anyone any harm, and may be worth the effort to limit all those stress hormones circulating in our bodies.

Anyone can learn Reiki, and it is not difficult. Locally, Reiki sessions and classes are offered at Dream Time Wellness at the Manchester Healing Arts Center in Manchester. Owner Karen Pischke, RN, BSN, CH, RMT, does not limit her services just to people. Dream Time Wellness will help members of other species as well, including dogs, cats, and even horses. The number is 978-283-4258.

Beginning in January, Judy Armelin, RMT, will be offering Reiki sessions in Gloucester. She can be reached at 978-270-6026.

Those interested in Reiki as a profession may be interested in the "Wellness and the Healing Arts" certificate program at North Shore Community College. Included within the program are Reiki 1 and 2 (traditional Usui method), as well as other courses such as Understanding Nutrition, Herbal Pharmacology, and Yoga.

For those who work or spend time "over the bridge" and wish to attend classes a bit further south, Reiki classes are also held at the Lifestyle Management Institute, located at Beverly Hospital's Danvers Medical and Day Surgery Center, 480 Maple St., Danvers. Those interested can call 978-304-8415 for fees or class availability.

People can debate whether Reiki techniques work to heal anything or not, but in today's hectic world, anything that lets us take a few moments to ourselves for relaxation and self care is probably worth it.

Anne Springer is the public relations director of SeniorCare, Inc.

17 December 2008

Love Blossom

Humans love.
Flowers blossom.
Sky blue.
Deep and wide.

10 December 2008

True Inspiration

True inspiration goes beyond simply making another feel good.

True inspiration is the ability to touch the Soul of "other" in which she insperiences a moment of Oneness - for one moment between moments duality ceases to exists and in that moment she breathes, she inspires in recognition of the Oneness.....,the true Unity of all.

It is this moment - this moment between moments where duality is not reality - that gives one a minute taste of bliss, of nirvana, of heave.

An insperience (inner "experience") that reveals that we are truly capable. We are truly One.

hah (breathe).......release

om shanti shanti

03 December 2008

Reiki Awakening

When you get a chance check out Alice over at ReikiAwakening.

She has awesome energy!


This lovely and perfect quote was posted by a guy on Twitter.

It is powerful, enjoy!

A day's productivity/effectiveness is not measured by intention but by implementation. Your life goes where your energy flows.

26 November 2008

Inner Visions Crystals

Looking for crystals online?

Inner Vision Crystals on eBay has an awesome selection and the folks seem really kind.

And their direct web address is: InnerVisionCrystals



10 November 2008

Truth I AM

We have total Truth within us at all times.

We have but to be still and silent to insperience Truth.

Truth comes within the moments between moments.

Those times in which there is no time and you can not quantify
nor qualify.

However, you must be open. You must have the heart innocence
of a child.

Because Truth will whisper in your ear when you least expect.

Will you be still enough to listen? To recognize Truth when it
speaks in you?

Be Still and know that I AM.


There will be a time when you can no longer say I believe in this or I believe in that...

You will just insperience and you will know and you have no need to justify.

Simply and utterly because I AM THAT I AM.


27 October 2008

There Are Times

There are times where you feel tested.

You know, the moments that you go through that you are presented with a choice in how you will respond.

Will the old tape play or will you choose to walk in the Light that you are.

It is that moment where you will show that you have actually learned and walked just a step up the spiritual evolutionary ladder.

You are better than what you had been in the past.

You are becoming, or rather I should say you are manifesting your true spiritual potential. You are being that person you can be proud of....

But what if you choose, once again, the old tape?

You choose to react. You choose to fear.

That is okay only if you choose to learn from that moment. My thoughts.

We are all on a journey. To be who we truly are....

Divine Sparks of Life, filled with LOVE being Love... being of service to others.

Yes, at times we may fall short of the mark, however in this moment only we can choose to be who we truly are....

Today I had a situation that happened to me that on one level with which I was not necessarily happy.

In that moment I chose not to gripe or to be upset. I chose not to hyperventilate or to become angry. Why? Because I know that I have also at times fallen short of the same mark.

I picked up my copy of BEING of the SUN, shortly after the episode, and here is the page that I opened to:

....each day is an opportunity to truly help mankind in your potential to relaxation & bliss. you peaceful vibrations affect everything & everyone around you.

This brought a smile to my face and reinforced my choice to just let go of the issue and not dwell on it negatively.

And yes, I was proud of myself in that moment for making a choice that I could be proud of....
And I know, pride comes before the even that too I must keep in check... not be overly attached to success or to so called failure....

It truly is all about balance.....


24 October 2008

13 October 2008

Chocolate Cake

Today I ate far to much chocolate cake than I should have.

It was so tempting.

That lush, moist rich dark interior with its sugar icy white exterior.

Too much chocolate cake.

Yes my tongue and lips enjoyed every morsel.

But my head pounds and my sugar levels scream.

I forgive myself.

I've learned something new.

I have a weakness, too much chocolate cake.

08 October 2008

Love is the answer

Love is the answer
to all Life's ills.

You can look for it
everywhere but you'll
never find it in pills.

Love is the answer
to all Life's ills.

Don't fret. Don't cry
or worry about the silly
little spills.

Love is the answer
to all Life's ills.

I know my poetry up there is a bit corny but that is okay.

Life sometimes feels as though it is falling apart around me but that is okay!

Today is a good day even though my transmission is dead and I need a new car. Today is a good day even though the bills are due. I am still not feeling blue. Blue is a lovely colour too!

Today is a good day even though I awoke this morning with every ache imaginable.

I am happy to be here. Happy to see the faces of my children. Happy to see my neighbor's faces too!

Happy day! Happy day!

Thank you Source of LIFE for this very happy day!

03 October 2008

Nei Ching

"Those who are habitually without disease help to train and to adjust those who are sick, for those who treat should be free from illness.

They train the patient to adjust his breathing and in order to train the patient, they act as examples" NEI CHING

28 September 2008

Rosh Chodesh

Head of the Month...New Moon

Blessed New Moon
Completely hiding your glory.

What gifts do you have to share
with us this mysterious phase?

How will you teach us the way?
What depths shall we grow?

Thank you for your faithfulness,
leading us the way
'round the cycle
of Life.

New Moon. Soft and dark.
Gloriously hidden.

You inspire and encourage us
to never cease our plans our goals
the journey through our destiny.

New Moon.

Welcome. Thank you.
Mysteriously you, New Moon.

26 September 2008

NCCAM Reiki Backgrounder

Backgrounder from the NCCAM. There are a few points in here that I disagree with however it is important that Reiki is receiving the proper attention and recognition.

In my opinion, and that of others, it does not take years to become a Reiki Master, however it may take years to master Reiki.

There are very proficient Reiki Masters who went through certification in 9 months and are wonderful. Teaching takes experience, experience both in practice and in teaching.

This is a point of contention with me as Reiki is not a technical modality it is a spiritual modality. Reiki is first and foremost a method of self-growth and enlightenment. Used primarily to heal ones self in mind, body and spirit and then to assist others.

I believe this backgrounder is a great start and is not so restrictive in its language. You can print out or save the PDF to share with others as you spread Reiki encouraging those to take control of their lives and health-starting from the inside out.

Reiki: An Introduction

On this page


Reiki is a healing practice that originated in Japan. Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above the person receiving treatment, with the goal of facilitating the person's own healing response. In the United States, Reiki is part of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). This fact sheet provides a general overview of Reiki and suggests sources for additional information.

Key Points

  • People use Reiki to promote overall health and well-being. Reiki is also used by people who are seeking relief from disease-related symptoms and the side effects of conventional medical treatments.
  • Reiki has historically been practiced as a form of self-care. Increasingly, it is also provided by health care professionals in a variety of clinical settings.
  • People do not need a special background to learn how to perform Reiki. Currently, training and certification for Reiki practitioners are not formally regulated.
  • Scientific research is under way to learn more about how Reiki may work, its possible effects on health, and diseases and conditions for which it may be helpful.
  • Tell your health care providers about any complementary and alternative practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.


The word "Reiki" is derived from two Japanese words: rei, or universal, and ki, or life energy. Current Reiki practice can be traced to the spiritual teachings of Mikao Usui in Japan during the early 20th century. Usui's teachings included meditative techniques and healing practices. One of Usui's students, Chujiro Hayashi, further developed the healing practices, placing less emphasis on the meditative techniques. An American named Hawayo Takata learned Reiki from Hayashi in Japan and introduced it to Western cultures in the late 1930s.

The type of Reiki practiced and taught by Hayashi and Takata may be considered traditional Reiki. Numerous variations (or schools) of Reiki have since been developed and are currently practiced.


Reiki is based on the idea that there is a universal (or source) energy that supports the body's innate healing abilities. Practitioners seek to access this energy, allowing it to flow to the body and facilitate healing.

Although generally practiced as a form of self-care, Reiki can be received from someone else and may be offered in a variety of health care settings, including medical offices, hospitals, and clinics. It can be practiced on its own or along with other CAM therapies or conventional medical treatments.

In a Reiki session, the client lies down or sits comfortably, fully clothed. The practitioner's hands are placed lightly on or just above the client's body, palms down, using a series of 12 to 15 different hand positions. Each position is held for about 2 to 5 minutes, or until the practitioner feels that the flow of energy—experienced as sensations such as heat or tingling in the hands—has slowed or stopped. The number of sessions depends on the health needs of the client. Typically, the practitioner delivers at least four sessions of 30 to 90 minutes each. The duration of Reiki sessions may be shorter in certain health care settings (for example, during surgery).

Practitioners with appropriate training may perform Reiki from a distance, that is, on clients who are not physically present in the office or clinic.


A 2002 national survey by the National Center for Health Statistics and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) on adult Americans' use of CAM found that 1.1 percent of the more than 31,000 participants had ever used Reiki for health purposes. Adjusted to nationally representative numbers, this percentage means that at the time of the survey, more than 2.2 million adults in the United States had ever used Reiki.

People use Reiki for relaxation, stress reduction, and symptom relief, in efforts to improve overall health and well-being. Reiki has been used by people with anxiety, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, and other health conditions, as well as by people recovering from surgery or experiencing side effects from cancer treatments. Reiki has also been given to people who are dying (and to their families and caregivers) to help impart a sense of peace.

Effects and Safety

Clients may experience a deep state of relaxation during a Reiki session. They might also feel warm, tingly, sleepy, or refreshed.

Reiki appears to be generally safe, and no serious side effects have been reported.

Training, Licensing, and Certification

No special background or credentials are needed to receive training. However, Reiki must be learned from an experienced teacher or a Master; it cannot be self-taught. The specific techniques taught can vary greatly.

Training in traditional Reiki has three degrees (levels), each focusing on a different aspect of practice. Each degree includes one or more initiations (also called attunements or empowerments). Receiving an initiation is believed to activate the ability to access Reiki energy. Training for first- and second-degree practice is typically given in 8 to 12 class hours over about 2 days. In first-degree training, students learn to perform Reiki on themselves and on others. In second-degree training, students learn to perform Reiki on others from a distance. Some students seek master-level (third-degree) training. A Reiki Master can teach and initiate students. Becoming a Master can take years.

Reiki practitioners' training and expertise vary. Increasingly, many people who seek training are licensed health care professionals. However, no licensing or professional standards exist for the practice of Reiki.

If You Are Thinking About Using Reiki

  • Do not use Reiki as a replacement for proven conventional care or to postpone seeing a doctor about a medical problem.
  • Find out about the Reiki practitioner's background, including training and experience treating clients.
  • Be aware that Reiki has not been well studied scientifically, but research on whether and how Reiki may work is under way.
  • Tell your health care providers about any complementary and alternative practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care. For tips about talking with your health care providers about CAM, see NCCAMs Time To Talk campaign.

NCCAM-Funded Research

Some recent NCCAM-supported studies have been investigating:

  • How Reiki might work
  • Whether Reiki is effective and safe for treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • Reiki's possible impact on the well-being and quality of life in people with advanced AIDS
  • The possible effects of Reiki on disease progression and/or anxiety in people with prostate cancer
  • Whether Reiki can help reduce nerve pain and cardiovascular risk in people with type 2 diabetes.

Selected References

For More Information

NCCAM Clearinghouse

The NCCAM Clearinghouse provides information on CAM and NCCAM, including publications and searches of Federal databases of scientific and medical literature. The Clearinghouse does not provide medical advice, treatment recommendations, or referrals to practitioners.

Toll-free in the U.S.: 1-888-644-6226
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16 September 2008

Remember When Pride Was About Quality?

Yes, I remember when...

You would purchase a washing machine and it would last for near ever. I even have a toaster oven that is at least 35 years old and STILL works.

Remember when companies took pride in their products and gained their reputations through quality.

Nowadays seems that true quality is literally out the door. You purchase an item and unless you pay an arm, a leg and your first born and that firstborn's firstborn you will not get much true quality.

You will either get an item made in China for pennies on the dollar or a poorly made in USA product.

I remember when purchasing Pepperidge Farm cookies was a treat.

Not just because of the price but because of the yummy quality. The Milano cookie was just as lovely (aesthetics and taste) as its exotic name.

Milano cookies used to look as if they were handmade.

Have you seen a Milano cookie lately? Does it look the same to you? Mind you I should stay away from all refined sugars and flours but every now and then I sneak a peak and eat one or two. Today I bought a pack and it was just as they were several months back...the quality has REALLY gone down hill both in looks and in taste.

Has American society totally turned to fluff? Something of no substance where even Milano cookies lose their appeal?


09 September 2008

Emma Thompson is Brilliantly Beautiful

I am forever grateful and thankful to such brilliant thespians as Britain's Ms. Emma Thompson for the passion and commitment they put into their craft.

A true actor is an artist, a living masterpiece unfolding before our very eyes.

Emma Thompson is an artist.

I've never been a "star worshiper" or into celebrities.
But as I said before Emma Thompson is no celebrity or a star. She is an artist.

Thank you Ms. Thompson for following your dreams you have blessed humanity with beautiful works of fine art. Gaia will be proud of you once she is able to comprehend all that her mother has and will accomplish both on stage and at home.

She is definitely someone with whom I'd enjoy sitting with and having a cup of tea. Every character she has become she has made believeable, alive, real and deep.

Even when she did the voice over in that Will Farrell movie where she place the author attempting to write her latest novel. Stranger Than Fiction.

Start with Dead Again and move forward to Much Ado About Nothing...ain't she grand? Then sit down with tea and lots of hankies when you absorb Wit.

And I even liked her as Nanny McPhee ;-).

Then you will see what I see. Then you will say...Thank you Sister Emma, you rock!

above image courtesy of: Read the Article

this image courtesy of Flickr

Do Not Anger

For Today Only Do Not Anger.

The first in our precepts left to us by Sensei Usui. He formulated these as the secret of inviting happiness through many blessings and the spiritual medicine for all illness.

How does one invite or allow happiness to come into their lives? Is it a choice or does happiness just happen to you?

I would venture to say that happiness is a choice. Each day we can choose happiness or unhappiness, we can choose curses or we can choose blessings.

Our precepts begins with "just for today". Why does Sensei start off with "just for today" why not start with...It is important to...or... We should always...?

Perhaps it is because even he realized that all we have is NOW...or...Today. So why invite stress into our lives by worrying how we are going to behave tomorrow, the next day or next year. Today, Now is sufficient for it's own issues.

The only moment we can handle or affect is now. So, "Just for Today" or "For Today Only" is appropriate and enough within itself.

The very first precept or gokai (principle) is:

Do not anger

Anger is the first root of stress. Anger causes the body to release certain hormones that weakens the immune system. Anger can cause chest pains, digestive problems and headaches!

Anger can be a negative emotion that will distract us from seeing the whole picture. Anger will distract us from moving forward in our spiritual development.

Sometimes it is better to just let go. It is okay because the person does not see our point of view. Yes, let us just agree to disagree. Anger will never make the other person understand you.

Anger clouds our judgment.

Some people say that anger is useful. Anger is natural. But tell me, what does anger really solve?

Anger is different from being upset. You may be upset about something and that feeling can help you to think about solutions, it can be the impetus for change. Anger only leads to hatred and to fear.

Does anger invite happiness? Anger will block you from realizing your fullest potential.

For today only:

Do not anger

“When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear.”
– Mark Twain

I adore Mark Twain, he was a great writer, but my quote will be slightly different.

"When angry, count to five. When very angry, BREATHE."
Tamu Ngina

(the divine in me recognizes the divine in you!)

Image Source:

08 September 2008

Dr. Nancy Mao Gevirtz

Nancy and I were acquaintances and both members of the same Jewish community she always had a kind word and a smile when we greeted each other. We both had a child in the same class for several years at the Jewish Day School. Nancy's daughter, Rachel, was my son's classmate.

At first I was told that Nancy was retiring from practicing medicine because she was ill, it was not until I saw her several months later that I realized just how ill she was.

We were arriving one evening to attend a school play, I believe it was the 4th grade play. I saw Nancy for the first time and I could tell that she was in a great deal of pain and it was a struggle to stand let alone walk. My emotional reaction was to cry that evening for her, her children and her husband.

You see the smile in this photo...this is the smile that Nancy always had...And as her illness wore on I could still see her smile as she attended various functions for her daughter.

Nancy never stopped smiling or living.

Only this evening as my son and I took a walk did I learn that Nancy passed on a few weeks ago. My heart broke right there in the middle of the sidewalk several blocks from home.

I mourn for Nancy and the loss of her children. As a mother I understand how we want to be there to watch our children grow.

Nancy was a loving and devoted mother and she continued to smile. This is the way I will always remember Nancy.

You and your beautiful smile will be missed Nancy.

May your family be comforted among the mourners of Tzion.

Nancy, may you find comfort and rest in the shelter of The Most High. Baruch'Hu.

Dr. Nancy Mao Gevirtz
Dr. Nancy Mao Gevirtz of South Whitehall Township, passed away on August 25, after a valiant battle with scleroderma. She was 48. She was the daughter of Rita Mao Myrick, wife of Bert Myrick and the late Joseph T.K. Mao. She was married to Dr. Jeffrey Gevirtz for 17 years. Nancy graduated from Dumont High School, New Jersey, in 1978, Brown University in 1982, and Rutgers Medical School in 1986. She did her clinical medicine at Hartford Hospital in 1990. Nancy practiced medicine for 10 years with Sam Bub, M.D. and Associates and worked as a summer camp physician at Camp Harlam. Nancy has been an active and beloved leader in her community for many years. She received the George Feldman Achievement Award for her service to the Jewish community, she was president of the Womens Division of the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley (J.F.L.V.) and served on the boards of the J.F.L.V., the Jewish Day School and Congregation Keneseth Israel (K.I.). She was a member of K.I. and of Temple Beth El. Survivors: Husband; mother; her children, Sam and Rachel; sisters, Elaine Hui, wife of Dr. Thomas Hui, Kim Judge, wife of Glenn Judge; sister-in-law, Tracy Weinstein, wife of Dr. David Weinstein; brother-in-law, Stephen Gevirtz, husband of Karen Gevirtz, and their families; and by many friends whose lives she touched so deeply. Services: Funeral services will be held today, August 27 at 11 a.m. in Congregation Keneseth Isreal, 2227 Chew Street, Allentown. Shiva will be observed at the Gevirtz residence August 27, 28, 30, 31, and September 1 at 7 p.m. with Minyan at 8 p.m. Arrangements by Bachman, Kulik & Reinsmith Funeral Home, Allentown. Contributions: In lieu of flowers, the family requests contributions be made to the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley, 702 N. 22nd Street, Allentown, PA 18104, the Scleroderma Foundation, Attn: Donations, 300 Rosewood Drive Suite 105, Danvers, MA 01923 or by calling 1-800-722-4673, or to the charity of your choice.
Published in the Morning Call on 8/27/2008

04 September 2008

Purpose of Meditation

What is the purpose of meditation?

Sitting there in seemingly torturous and utter silence all alone...

It is to bring you back to the ultimate ground zero.

To bring you to that moment before the moment of your "creation" in this material existence.

To allow you to insperience the indwelling presence of the Divine, of YOUR spark of the Divine.

Because it is only in the insperience of that moment are you able to touch true joy, true nirvana, true bliss...heaven. is in those moments where you are in complete peace (shalem/shalom) that you are able to truly KNOW.

From there you are able to over come seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Only from there are you able to answer the questions for which you need answers.

The purpose of meditation is to be still and know that I AM.

Go back to the time where you are confronted with a question...even seemingly simple trivia and you KNOW the answer... you know that you know the is on the tip of your tongue but you can not bring forth the words. Try as you might, strain...groan but nothing comes out.

Only when you let stop have a moment of mental silence and then...only then does the answer spring forth.

Imagine what you will be able to answer, accomplish if you purposely sat still and know that I AM.

Just imagine....

image courtesy of: Raja Yoga

Creative Commons License
This work by Tamu Ngina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

03 September 2008

Greatest Disservice

Greatest disservice ever served...

Being told that our minds are finite, that there things we are unable to grasp.

If we are part and parcel of the Infinite, sparks of the Divine dwell within us then I would surmise that our minds are infinite as well.

We see life through a darkened window. But to sit still and go within we are able to cleanse and open that window.

We are not handicapped. Perhaps our body has limitations but each of us, if we are still should be able to tap into the Infinite pool of consciousness that exists, that we are--that I AM.

I refuse to sit back and accept the limitations foisted upon me through mental conditioning. How about you?

What we accept in Heaven (our spiritual consciousness) we will have here on Earth (our bodies/physical plane).

I accept Infinite possibilities without limitations.

Creative Commons License
This work by Tamu Ngina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

02 September 2008

Energy Therapy-For real

Energy therapy: for real.

I know... I am being just a little facetious with my subtitle.

Energy is real. We are real. Energy therapy is also very real. definition of therapy: 2. a curative power or quality.

Did you know that you contain within yourself the power to heal yourself? You have the power to assist others in healing themselves.

Wait a minute, before you know you start asking for lab results...Healing can and does happen on ALL levels of being...mental, physical, emotions and spirit. Not necessarily on all the same time.

But, suffice it to say, there are all sorts of healing. If you ask me my personal definition of healing I would say that healing is when you come to a place of peace and balance within. Therefore one can be healed emotionally or spiritually even if their body may still be attacked by cancer. Something to think about.

Something as simple as saying I love you has the power to heal. Even a simple greeting like Hello and a smile has the power to heal.

Mother Earth has the power to heal. Just trying walking in the grass barefoot. Not a quick brisk walk but a slow meandering enjoyable enjoying of the soft green grass and even the deep brown of the soil. All of these have the power to heal.

But you must be still. Healing can only come about when there is a balance, a peace and a centerdness of being. definition of Heal: make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment. bring to an end or conclusion, as conflicts between people or groups, usually with the strong implication of restoring former amity; settle; reconcile: They tried to heal the rift between them but were unsuccessful. free from evil; cleanse; purify: to heal the soul.

Energy heals. Calm, peacefilled energy helps to bring you to state of balance where healing can begin.

Everything we do and everything we are has a vibration...a healing vibration.

I read a really interesting article in the Tahaastu magazine over the weekend. The article is discussing using the flowers to heal. Well everyone knows about giving flowers to someone who is ill. And many people know about Bach remedies and the use of herbs in healing.

But what about using the pure unadulterated energy from flowers to heal? I mean not even cutting, drying or distilling flowers but keeping the whole and intact on the flower and only harnessing (read: bottling) their energy!

The idea just blew me away. But you know it something to ponder. As I was cleaning my living room yesterday I went out to my small mother earth garden and plucked some of the zinnias and my 6ft marigolds and put them about the house to harness their energy so to speak.

The marigolds, my favorite from my ISCKON ashram days, were set on a speaker directly in front of the blowing fan. And after being open to the idea of just accepting the energy from the flower...I could indeed feel the vibrations coming from the marigolds as they sat in front of the fan.

Makes me wonder...take this one step forward...with purest of intent, is it possible to call upon the energy utilize for healing?

You know, think about it...the world, the Universe, your Spirit....INFINITE... filled with Infinite possibilities.

Take a moment. Be still. Insperience.
Explore: Indian Flower Therapy Article from Tathaastu

image courtesy of

01 September 2008

Insperience I AM

Today was/is a beautifully radiant day. Slow and easy as I enjoyed, with my children, the last official (if not technically speaking) day of summer.

Sat out in the garden on my blanket and beach chair enjoying the fresh grass, bumble bees, fuschia and red zinnias still blooming while reading a good book- Tree of Life Meditation System by Ra Un Nefer Amen.

I then did some much needed dusting in the living room, dabbled with the dishes, the battle of never ending laundry and a pit stop at the local grocery store to stock up on weekly staples. See, each and every day I pack my children's lunch for school as there is no kasher lunch plan besides my homemade is healthier. ;-)

I did enjoy watching a few episodes of MONK and just a half of one of Star Trek:TNG. Gotta love those all day television series marathons.

Dinner was pulled off without a hitch. Some fresh local Romaine and Green Leaf lettuce, chopped beets, zucchini, fresh from my own little farm tomatoes and homemade salad dressing. Okay, I may as well detail the dressing: EV olive oil, hot curry powder, tamari sauce, a pinch of cane sugar, fresh lemon juice and a dash of water.

It was the soup that helped my eldest boy feel his best! For some reason today he was feeling under the weather, perhaps a little to hot in his upper bunk bed during his nap time. But after the Adzuki bean soup that I made with love for him he is feeling a bit better.

I've enjoyed the two chapters that I have read thus far from T.O.L.M. It is from this reading that I have for the first time encountered the word insperience.

How beautiful and so deeply meaningful is this word insperience which is counter to the so much sought after and Webster defined experience.

Can you feel it? Can you insperience it's meaning, it's being.

I find it profound indeed.

This word is a useful term to almost describe what happens deep within ones being. It is indeed the being still and knowing.

Generally we are all seeking to experience. We experience hot or cold. We experience relationships and going.

How oft do we consider what we insperience.

Experience can be defined and quantified, grasped and dissected.

What of insperience?

It is that infinite state of which words can not describe?

It can not be bought, traded, sold or categorized.

It is.

Be still and know that I AM...within which you may begin your insperience...after that...there are no words.

24 August 2008

My Garden

This morning I spent time in my garden.

Blessed Sun caressing my sun-burnt skin,
beaming rays of ultra violet love to nourish
my bronzed melanin.

Zinnias, daisies, butterflies and bumble bees
thank you for blessing me with your amazing
colour and flutter of your wings.

This morning I spent time with my garden.

© Radiant Swan

12 August 2008


Bonsai & Reiki

11 August 2008

Miss Potter

The sweetest most endearing movie.

Just saw it yesterday.

Miss Potter


Now is all there is.

There is no yesterday and there is no tomorrow. The only gift we have is this moment, this now.

We have two choices.

We can choose to be in fear right now. To worry, to fear that we are not being heard. To worry, to fear that we do not have enough money. To fear that we are right and that they will take it away from us.

We can choose to be in love right now. To trust that all is ok, that all will be ok. To trust that we are heard and will be heard. To trust that we will be accepted. To trust that the money is there and that we have more than enough.

Either choice has action to follow. Action follows thought. Inaction is action.

We can choose to do nothing.

We can choose to accept Krishna's words to Arjuna...that is our duty to do (act) our part in the world.

Will we do our duty through the lens of fear? Will we choose to do our duty through the lens of love?

Love is trust. Love is tolerance. Love is seeing the positive.

Now is all there is. I choose to exist in Now with Love as my partner. Accepting myself. Accepting you. Trusting that I will be fine no matter what you choose to do. I choose to act in Love. And should I falter, should I miss the mark what will I choose. Should I choose fear? Be angry with myself and ashamed of myself.

I will forgive myself. I will then choose to accept myself through Love.

Love is forgiveness.

I choose love now.

Just for Now.

Copyright © Radiant Swan

10 August 2008

The Five Objects

Excerpted from The Spirit Of Reiki (Lubeck*Petter*Rand)

According to Kimiko Koyama, the five objects of the Reiki Ryoho are:

1. Tai (body) Ken (health)

The body is the temple of God. Knowing this, we should take care of it and worship in it. Ultimately, we will not be able to endure the experience of enlightenment without a healthy body. We can make the body strong with Reiki, meditation, proper diet , and ...laughter!

2. En (relation, connection, fate, love, karma) Bi (beauty)

Beauty and love go hand in hand. If you see the beauty in every being sentient or insentient, you are bound to live a peaceful and fulfilled life.

3. Kokoro (heart and mind) Makoto (sincerity, authenticity)

Kokoro, the unity of heart and mind, is already mentioned elsewhere. The way to achieve this unity of heart and mind is by being our authentic selves.

4. Sai (talent) Chikara (power)

Talent and power go together. When we follow our talent the result is a power that no one can resist. There's no need to fear our own abilities!

5. Tsutome (duty) Do (work)

Our duty is to work on ourselves. In whatever we do, we should give the best we have. There's no need to hold back what we can give to others--and to ourselves.

08 August 2008


Eight has been a theme that has played out through out my Life.

Eight is a beautiful number!

07 August 2008

Mayim-Water of Life

A video I made on a camping trip last year....

One of the spirits that make me happy...

06 August 2008

Love Personified

My youngest son's favorite colour is Green.

Green is the colour of growth, renewal and love.

The heart Chakra is represented by the colour green in Western

My youngest son is a Taurus and he has green eyes.

He is fierce in all he does. He is passionate and loving.
His love is quick and his temper is quick. Yes, he tries my patience
at times.

At other times, most of the times he gives me love like no other.

He brings tons of smiles to my heart.

Today he saw an elderly gentleman playing lovely tunes on his harmonica.

He asked his eldest brother for a dollar to give to the man, his way
of saying thank you for the music. I told him that I do not think the
man takes donations. My green eyed bundle of love was adamant about it
and his loving older brother more than willing to oblige and sponsor this

So I consented.

The boy with the tosseled chestnut brown silky hair, who normally likes to moan
"I'm too shy", walked over to the gentleman and handed him the dollar bill
and thanked him for the music.

My heart chakra swelled with love and pride that I AM his Mamma.

Thank you Source of Love, Joy and Life for allowing me to be the vessel through
which this beautiful boy...soon to be beautiful man, came into the world in this life. Bless me to be open and humble enough to be the best mother he needs to help him reach his goals in this Life.


I AM so thankful for LOVE.

01 August 2008

It Really Is

It really is the little things in life that truly matter.

Like how I told Paul today how much his warm smile and hello when ever he sees me pass by really means to me.

It makes my day. And helps to make my life happier.

It really is the little things in life that truly matter.

Take a moment to let someone you know how much they mean to you.

22 July 2008

Holy Grail Your Rx

Where are USA prescription drugs manufactured? In the USA?


You can come to your own conclusion.

18 July 2008

Chi Massage

Chi Massage by Mantak Chia

Chi Massage
The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation.

As a Reiki practitioner I can certainly see how this method of self rejuvenation can be integrated with Rei-Ki.

16 July 2008

Do Your Homework

Honour the moment that you are in NOW.

Do your homework.

Be honest with yourself.

Have questions?

Pray. Go within. Be still.

Be honest with yourself and trust what you see.

Trust in yourself and do not doubt.

Trust can only be established once you have entered
internal dialog with the Divine that is within you.

But you must do your homework first...what ever your
assignment is.....

09 July 2008

Unconditional Love


What are the steps to unconditional love? I mean truly realising and actuating unconditional love.

Dare I say that there are NO steps to unconditional love. Why not? Because you already are unconditional love. It is about remembrance. It is about allowing the dry husks to fall from around you.

What was my "aha" moment?

Unconditional love is....

When you cease the desire or need to hold another accountable.

Then I thought to myself...could I imagine being constantly held accountable for all the crazy, inane, ridiculous and out right wrong paths I have taken in my life?

Wow! What a daunting and scary prospect.

Yes, I must let go the need to hold other accountable.

It is the process or part of the process of just letting go.


Breathe the Breath of Life....stop holding your breath and exhale.

Only when you exhale can you let a fresh breath of Life in.

Needing to hold other accountable is like holding your breath!

Think on this and let it sink in.

I love you.

Creative Commons License
This work by Tamu Ngina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

18 June 2008

P.S. I love you

Just finished watching P.S. I love you

Has got to be one of the most beautiful Life affirming movies.

Death is as much as part of living as life is.

Another spectacularly deep and beautiful movie is The Fountain
Mind you The Fountain is not for the faint of heart, nor for those
who need their movies to be spelled out for them. It is in fact

17 June 2008

Day 170

From the book KABBALAH 365 edited by Rabbi Gershon Winkler

Day 170

All beings--all of them--are interconnected one within the other, and support one another, and it is impossible for any one of them to exist without the other. Likewise, there are wondrous medicines in all of the four merka'vot (vehicles of divine manifestation)--Still Beings, Sprouting Beings, Wildlife Beings, and Talking Beings.

-Sixteenth-century Rabbi Yeshayahu ben Avraham
in Sh'lah ahl M'sechet Yoma, Perek Derech Chayyim V'tocha'chat Musar, No. 29

12 June 2008


luminance rises

casting it's gilded rays

magnifying ecstasy

serpent coils

seeking to climb

ladder to gold

kiss the third

receive her blessings

dandelions daisies

alfalfa to balance

beautiful breath of life

water of waters

(c) Swan
Creative Commons License
This work by Tamu Ngina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

05 June 2008

Today is Beautiful

Today is a beautiful day.

Today, I spent a bit of time reflecting on my Grandfather's passing, thinking on him and then realized that it is one month day of crossing over and that it is the 21st yahrzeit of the passing of his youngest daughter my Aunt Terri Inez Griffin, she was the dancer.

On my computer at work I have a post it note that says:

I love you Grandaddy, I hope you are happy.
I shed some tears. Let the emotion out. And after much self talk I became full of a lot of Love and Joy. I wanted so much to give our financial advisor a hug...just cause I really wanted one...I refrained cause I did not want her thinking I'd lost my mind. However, I am sure she would have obliged me, she is very sweet and kind. But I absorbed that feeling within and hugged myself. :-)

I released it all to Spirit.

Upon returning home from work around noon I discovered that the reliable postal service delivered the book I ordered by Rabbi Gershon Winkler entitled "Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism".

For well over the past year I had been contemplating purchasing this book. What took me so long, I do not know. A fellow blogger posted a YouTube video of Rabbi Gershon in which he is being interviewed and then proceeds to play the hand drum. On his drum he points out several symbols related to one of the four archangels. Lo and behold one of the angel symbols was the very symbol that came to mind when I received my second Reiki One empowerment! Needless to say I was completely blown away. For the past year I had been wondering what the symbol meant.

Not only that but his book has already answered or shall I say confirmed some other questions that had been burning.

Today is a beautiful day.

01 June 2008

Home Made Almond Milk

Organic non-pasteurized milk is my preference but Martin's Country market closed down years ago and was replaced by a car dealership. Yeah for progress!

There is nothing like thick, creamy cold milk in a lovely old fashioned glass bottle. Diversity is good and thank heavens for the Amish and Mennonites around here.

But fresh milk of that sorts is out of reach at the moment.

Eventually I switched to Soy milk but the information on its healthfulness is so mixed that I'd rather shy away from it. I've learned that eating large amounts of soy products from NON-fermented soy beans is not a good thing. Something about the mimicking hormones that may not be good for growing boys or grown women for that matter. So then I switched to manufactured rice milk. But even rice milk doesn't sit well with me.

Well I decided to go the way of homemade almond milk. So once again I go over to the Mennonite store, not the one that closed down but one located on a small dairy farm where they sell fabric not milk, and I purchased some cheese cloth.

I used the cheese cloth to drain/strain my almond milk concoction. Add a little raw sugar (in lieu of the maple syrup I neglected to pick up at the other Mennonite grocer (health food bulk store) coupled with a bit of vanilla extract.

How many ways can you say yum! Try out the recipe I picked up from Mahanandi
My knowledge of the Sanskrit language is very rudimentary. Mostly its what I picked up from studying at the Hindi Temple years ago. Maha means Great and Ananda is Bliss.... so I surmise the website to mean Great Bliss.

Well this Almond milk was close to bliss for me! Enjoy!

P.s. I used 6 cups of water instead of 5 so I guess it was a bit thinner but it was still yummy!

image courtesy of<

31 May 2008

Tribute to Theophilus Griffin

On May 5, 2008 my grandaddy, Theophilus Griffin, passed away at home. We believe it to be a heart attack. My granmom was there with him. By the time the paramedics arrived it was too late. He was two months shy of his 80th birthday and he died in his home with his wife of 59 years whom he had known for 67 years.

By all appearances and American standards my Grandaddy and Granmom for that matter were an amazing couple who achieved the American dream. And through all of our ups and downs I love them both very much and proud of what they represented in our American culture.

They were both college educated people. My Grandaddy graduated from Tennessee State University where he was a Q-dog Omega Psi Phi and a Jazz alto-Saxophone player. He even played jazz saxophone at Carnegie Hall. In high school he was president of his senior class. He was tall, about 6'2, very handsome and everyone loved him. Yes, he had lots of friends.

He married my GranMommy, a model and wonderfully creative woman, in 1949 and they had 4 lovely children. One daughter, my Mother, is the hippie/creative who taught me unconditional love, the middle daughter a debutant and medical student and the youngest daughter a groundbreaking beauty pageant queen, actress and Broadway dancer (42nd Street, Chicago, Cotton Club movie-only to name just a few) and the son became an electrician whose two sons will son be signed to major league baseball teams.

They played bridge often with their club. They belonged to the Epicureans. And I remember while growing up as a young child they would often host cocktail parties. They lived the quintessential upper-middle class lifestyle. For a Black American couple having been born in the late 1920's this was an achievement beyond measure.

My Grandaddy worked for Western Electric and then AT&T as a supervisor where he retired after 39 years. He was known as Mr. T. He wisely invested in land and stocks so that when he and my Grandmommy, a Registered Nurse, retired they moved to a 5 acre rural lot and enjoyed their remaining years together. They indeed lived the "good life".

My fondest memories of my Grandaddy was traveling around in his 1975 brown (his favorite colour) Lincoln Continental (his favorite luxury car which he returned to in later life even after having two Cadillacs) and watching him use his CB radio to communicate with truckers. He handle was Big T and I fancied myself as Little T.

I could go on and on about my Grandfather and Grandparents achievements in this world, they were numerous, but I will not belabor the issue. I'm proud of their accomplishments and what they represent in American society.

Thank you Grandaddy for leading your family the way you thought best. Thank you for not being afraid to be yourself. Thank you for not "selling out". Thank you for representing strength. Thank you for being you the only way you knew how. I love you.

I wish you well on your journey in the next world. I wish you well in the lessons you have learned, the love you have gained and where ever you will go to next. Yes, I too will be there after I live out my lot in this life.

Being with my family as we prepared for my Grandaddy's funeral was a very emotional time for me. I had so many issues and thoughts that needed resolving. After returning home there has been one song that I have been unconsciously singing for the past two weeks. That song is Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All.

As I drank my yerba mate that song came to me even stronger so I looked it up on YouTube. All I could do was cry as I watched Whitney belt out this beautiful and spiritually edifying song. The lyrics of this song are profound, they feed my soul, thank you Whitney.

I dedicate this song to my Grandaddy, Theophilus Griffin, and to myself, his granddaughter.

Learning to let go is one of the greatest lessons. Letting go of pain, of expectations, of worry and letting go of what you think is right or wrong.

Death is the greatest teacher of letting go.

26 May 2008

Yeah Right

(CNN) -- A passenger who landed at Tokyo's Narita airport over the weekend has ended up with a surprise souvenir courtesy of customs officials -- a package of cannabis.


Sniffer dogs failed to find the cannabis after it had been slipped into a passenger's bag.

A customs official hid the package in a suitcase belonging to a passenger arriving from Hong Kong as part of an exercise for sniffer dogs on Sunday, reported.

However, staff then lost track of the drugs and suitcase during the exercise, a spokeswoman for Tokyo customs said.

Customs regulations specify that a training suitcase be used for such exercises, but the official had used passengers' suitcases for similar purposes in the past, domestic media reported.

Tokyo customs has asked anyone who finds the package to return it.

Sun Baked Reiki Water

Blessings Beloved,

Would love to read about your creative ways with Reiki.

What are techniques or methods you have intuited?

I'd like to share a method that came to me...

It requires the use of a large gallon sized (at least) glass jar or bottle. No plastic ones. And either filtered water, distilled water or natural spring water. Celtic sea salt...with visible minerals in tow.

Fill up the glass containers with water and put in a pinch of Celtic sea salt.

Take the containers outside and set in the grass or in a patch of dirt. The containers are touching the ground/Mother earth. Proceed to give Reiki to the water in the container. You may want to use the SHK symbol to clear the water followed by the boosting power of the CKR symbol. My method is to say a blessing over the water. What ever the blessing is that you want to use. For example of blessing that this water will be imbued with life giving/sustaining energy to help cleanse and heal our bodies. And after the blessing use the CKR symbol to boost the power of the blessing.

Leave the water out for at least 24 to 48 hours minimum so that it can also absorb the ultraviolet rays of the Sun which will cleanse and energize the water.

I believe that the Celtic salt serves to add minerals to de-mineralized water, Sun helps to purify and energize, and Reiki gives that added boost of Life giving energy and to encourage purity to the water.

Remember that when you pour the water to drink it to be mindful of what you are doing. Having the intent to intake truly life giving water. Say a blessing of thanks for the water. This blessing does not need to be said to a god...if thats not what you believe in...The blessing can be said in thanks to Spirit... the unifying Life Force that holds the Universe, the Earth and your body together.


P.S. My children love our "Sun Baked Reiki Water" as they call it!

19 May 2008

Full Moon of May

Full Moon of May
So much energy at play

Lessons to heal
New plans to fulfill.


This month kicked off with amazing energy. Sadness, loss but understanding and new platform.

Energetic motions coming full force and full circle. Big changes ahead. Changes that were long over due that fear clouded the way.

But the fog is lifted. Love releases.

Courage to to move forward.


Great Spirit, Spiral of Life....thank you for unexpected blessings....through death there is new life.

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This work by Tamu Ngina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

18 May 2008

Poetry for The Sun

I've always written about my love for Mother Moon
and now its time to write about Father Sun because
he, The Sun, drawn from water, has recently inspired me.

His face is liken unto the Sun

Warm and glowing

His words are like the sun's rays
that give life and edify

A touch that caresses

His Sun in My Moon

La Luna El Sol

The Sun

Let your countenance
warm my face

Your radiance caress my soul

Brilliant are your rays

Loving are your ways

My Moon a reflection of your glory

You, the Sun, drawn from the deepest of waters

Me, the Moon, encouraging your tides to wash over
cleansing the shore of Mother Earth and the consciousness
of her people.

Sister Mother Moon a reflection of your glory

Dedicated to the one who was drawn from the deepest waters.

Creative Commons License
This work by Tamu Ngina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.